First Wii U TV Advert Gives You Five Reasons To Buy

The first TV advert for the Wii U is all about the new controller and the five new ways it lets you game. The advert was shown for the first time on TV last night.


The first couple of reasons are particularly persuasive, I can see many a gaming widow buying their husband a Wii U for Christmas just so they can claim back the TV. However by #3 Nintendo seem to be running out of ideas quickly – ‘Play in real time – for real’?

What does that even mean?

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  1. Was brad Pitt part of the ad lol.

    But no really this is the wii all over again, I mean reason 2 shoot at the tv pew pew pew pew the nursery moms are already pre ordering..

  2. I saw it and initially thought….oh look its the new Wii U. Then when it finished I thought, I wouldn’t be buying one of those. It lacked something interesting in my opinion. Nothing really caught my eye and made me think, thats cool.

  3. I thought far too much of that was looking at the pad and not the tv.

    • Yes that was my thoughts as well. Why would you want to look a a titchy screen when you got a big TV?

    • Same here. Constant fuss and distraction.

      I’ve sunk £1600 into my ageing Sony 46″ beastie. Don’t bloody take my eyes off it!

      Very weak trailer. Then again, look how the Wii turned out. Nintendo might have it in the bag already. I don’t think so but I cannot discount them.

  4. What a crappy ad. Still interested in what devs will come up with but until then I’ll sit back and wait.

  5. Reason 2 is a bloody good one although the sound from the gamepad could still cause arguments. Apart from that, tis a crap advert. Also, play in real time? I was wondering why i had to keep playing in a turn based style. Explains why many people die a lot on Dark Souls. Or everyone does play in real time and Ninty ran out of ideas thus speaking bullcrap. If they can’t thing of 5 reasons, then the Wii U is going struggle to sell.

    • What they mean is that you don’t pause a game to access a map or your inventory as it’s always available at your fingertips like in Dead Space.

  6. Nothing the Vita and PS3 couldn’t together or even a iPhone/iPad/Android and a PS3.

    • Yeah but likewise, i can honestly say that i have never been sat playing a game on my PS3 & thought “this would be so much better if i could use my android to control/view it”!

      Not interested in the slightest if i am honest.

      • @ Awayze:
        While it could be done with a PS3/Vita combo, Sony is simply too dumb to see the benefit of it. Surely they will start pushing this feature more when they see that Nintendo is successful with their idea.

        It’s not about controlling your PS3 with your Vita, it’s about adding another layer to the game like having your inventory, map or a list of clues readily available without having to pause the game to go to a menu.
        Also the remote play feature is great and should be pushed by Sony. I often find myself in the situation where my fiancé wants to watch TV and I am unable to continue playing PS3. I actually bought my Vita mainly for that reason, thinking Sony and the developers wouldn’t be a bunch of dicks about it.

      • @KeRaSh

        Maps aren’t really an issue tbh, as you can 9 times out of 10 get those online (so any smart phone should be able to do this). As for the inventory & whatnot, i actually like the fact that this often pauses the game, as it gives me a chance to take stock of what i have & what i want to do with it, rather than looking down at a little screen whilst i get attacked on a big one.

        For example, in borderlands 2, the inventory pause is perfect for whipping out the shield more accustomed to the situation, or that rocket launcher which you have been carrying for ages simply because it causes huge damage (but is pretty useless in every other respect).

        As for the missus wanting to watch TV – I solved that problem by buying another TV. In fact, one of the conditions of buying the house was that i got a gaming room. :)

      • I think you are missing the point. I’m not talking about an online map. I’m talking about the ingame map. Classic case: Zelda with dungeon maps and compasses. Current case: Borderlands 2: I hate opening the menu to get a quick glance at the map. I’d rather keep running while slightly adjusting my path because I can look at the map in my lap. Let’s even step it up a little. Have multiple quests in one area visible with small texts to know which marker is for what quest. Hell, why not allow the player to make notes on the map or even small drawings (circles or crosses) that you can save to make it easier to find a spot for later.
        Same with quick changes to the equipment. Borderland 2’s UI is a mess. With a little more dev effort in that compartment devs could easily allow for quick changes of equipment with a simple tap on the screen while in mid combat. Maybe even by implementing certain customizable presets like “elemental set”, “defensive set” or “all out in your face set” where you can define what gear to equip when selecting that preset.

        I understand that your preferences are different than mine, but I really see potential benefits to Nintendo’s approach if devs really make use of it. I definitely have more than enough ideas of how to make use of that screen and I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t see any of them in the near future.

      • I was talking about a map in general. Whether it is online or in-game is inconsequential, as they show the same things (in fact an online map may even show more).

        The solution to the map problem in-game is a mini map – Which most games (that require a map) have. Borderlands has a minimap, which guides me to the objective. The only issue i have with that particular game is that they haven’t included an option to switch it to the left. Other than that, it functions perfectly well.

        & if we are talking about quests, i would rather keep it to one at a time, even if multiple things happen in one area. This is not currently a problem as i can keep in mind whats in the area whilst working on the task at hand. I don’t want everything done for me.

        Basically, i can’t find any issue with Borderlands presets – Not saying you are, but I get the feeling you may be picking holes in things just to make a case for this, when there really isn’t one for most people. Unfortunately you certainly won’t change my mind that this is nothing more than gimmicky crap i’m afraid.

        Whilst this handheld thing does have certain applications, they are limited & this is where i believe Nintendo may be set for a fall – As you said yourself; “I definitely have more than enough ideas of how to make use of that screen and I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t see any of them in the near future”. This is exactly how some Move owners feel & to a lesser extent Vita owners feel that would like to see more done with the Move, more cross play etc – Everyone had great visions for what they could have been implemented for & i’m not sure even half of that has been acheived. Move especially people seem most disappointed with.

      • Obviously this is all comes down to one’s opinion, which is great. I certainly wouldn’t want everybody liking the same things. That would be boring. However, I’m not trying to poke holes into anything just to find a use for the Wii U controller. I truly believe that there are many great ways to implement it and improve games significantly for some people. I’m also sure that there will be at least as many gimmicky and dumb implementations but I guess that’s always the case with new stuff. I’m keeping my hopes up. The Wii generation was interesting and definitely had some real gems that were buried beneath a huge mountain of shovelware. I think Nintendo learned their lesson. Let’s see how this turns out. Honestly, the gaming market would be pretty boring if the battle was only fought between Sony and Microsoft and the fact that Move and Kinect exist is proof enough that Nintendo is still innovating. I’m all up for that. :)

  7. the only thing i can think of that would be be really usefull is a web browser on the pad with a walkthrough page open or internet radio playing but you can do that already with any smartphone or tabltet.

  8. That guy needs words with his girlfriend. She just walks all over him. To be honest he probably owes her a load of Downton Abbey time since he went out and bought a Wii U without her permission

  9. The voice over sucks :p

  10. As far as i know not all games can be played without a tv.

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