New Borderlands Game Arrives On Mobile This Month

[drop2]Whilst the PS Vita’s Borderlands title remains something of a mystery, news of a brand new mobile game in the Borderlands universe has been leaked, with a release date of this month.

The image – shown to the right but available in full at the link – was captured from Borderlands 2’s digital strategy guide, and points to an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad release in October.


It’s “specifically designed” for the platform, and boasts the original characters, randomised missions, thousands of weapons, thirty six powers and abilities and a strategic cover system.

With the playable characters being Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick it’s likely this is based on the first game rather than the second. Details of the game are apparently planned to be revealed in the coming days, suggesting that this particular initial showing wasn’t planned.



  1. Damn hope this comes to Android.

    • i really dont want to buy the game for my wifes phone

      • Ha ha same, my missus has an iPad but I need it on my phone!

    • Me too. I dislike playing games on my work iPhone 4S. The screen is just too small…

  2. Yes. Now I’ll have something to do at work

  3. Please be iPhone 5 supported with optimised screen.

  4. Hopefully it gets a Windows phone release.

  5. This game looks cool. My favorite part of the game is the guns. I think I am going to get a gun from here and do a modify to get it to look like what they use in the game.

  6. Would also like to see this on Android.

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