Minecraft Continues To Dominate, Is Played More Than Call Of Duty

[drop2]Notch, the developer behind Minecraft, was always onto a winner when the Xbox 360 version was announced.

Developed by 4J Studios, the console version (currently exclusive to Microsoft’s machine) is smooth, slick and constantly updated. It’s also massively popular, this month edging out the evergreen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Indeed, according to figures released this morning, the block-based explore and survive game is played more than FIFA 13, Black Ops and Borderlands 2 – it’s even above Halo: Reach, something of a mainstay for the platform.

For an Xbox Live Arcade game this is pretty amazing going, although that could of course all change when Black Ops 2 launches soon and most of the shooter fans switch to that.

Not that any of this is a surprise, of course – as we’ve said before, Minecraft is massive, and the game was profitable for everyone concerned within an hour of going on sale on the 360. These are all unique users reported, by the way, this isn’t based on the time spent playing, more the number of people actually playing a game.



  1. That’s incredible, I really need to give this a proper go at some point. Also to give Notch money so he talks more about Psychonauts 2.

  2. Big figures, I’m still confused as to what the hell you do in Minecraft.

  3. I’m guessing this will never come to ps3. I YouTube mine craft I don’t know what the big fuss is

    • I don’t… I played it for about 20mins on 3 separate occasions, don’t get it… It seems to be a playground where you can do anything, like Noby Noby Boy with added building, but minus the fun

      • Too bad. You’re missing out.

      • Taste! I tried Noby Noby Boy and it just didn’t do anything for me. *shrugs*

  4. Game is good on PC, wouldn’t buy it on console though

  5. Surprised it’s number of people playing and not total time playing, given its time-sink nature

    Also, with Activision (& maybe EA too for all I know) gaining a portion of XBL Gold revenue a couple of years ago… I wonder if Majong will look for a similar deal? They should!

  6. Minecraft is really a fantastic game, I didn’t start playing until a few weeks ago and I can only do it in binges, but for somebody more creative than I it would be a life-destroyer!

  7. Have a look at some of the places people have built. The City of Gondor one is very impressive but you seriously have to have no life to have the time to build it.

    • but from what i’ve seen, these big builds are invariably built by teams of people working together, often over a span of months.

  8. Considering it takes a week to even build the most simple buildings(am probably wrong), i’m not surprised. I am surprised with what some people can do in Minecraft. From recreating the AC3 trailer to recreating a city as well as trolling their mates by quickly building a wall thus trapping them. Not that i would ever do that. *shifty eyes*

    I wonder if Majong will try to do a PS3 version? I know LBP already has the build anything area covered but it would be nice to play it on the PS3.

  9. I wonder how much money they got for making it Xbox 360 exclusive. Surely they would also make tons of money on the PS3, even if it only got a fraction of the sales.

  10. I never understood the popularity of minecraft, the game isn’t even that good.

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