Trailer Park: October 26th


Trailer Park has moved to Friday lunchtimes as of this week but never fear, the park is still packed full of video goodness alongside the customary episode of a classic cartoon which this week is a real blast from the past – Battle Of The Planets.

We also have videos for Halo 4, Fuse, Sports Champions 2, Far Cry and a Korean beat em up which involves kitchen utensils. Engage your googlebox on this lot..

Medal of Honor Warfighter ‘Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack’
The trailer is for the pre-order bonus map-pack.

Apotheon Gameplayer Trailer
Set for release on Steam in 2013 Apotheon is a 2D platform action-rpg.

Hitman Absolution Disguises Trailer

Borderlands 2 Big Daddy Easter Egg
The latest DLC for Borderlands has a rather familiar guest star.

Need For Speed Kinect Trailer
Upgrade your vehicle using voice commands.

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  1. That was indeed a lot of trailers, something for everyone in there. Most Wanted is looking great, I like the unashamed use of the easydrive menu. F1 Race Stars looks like a laugh too, looking foward to the demo.

  2. and no dubstep in sight…
    shame really !…

  3. oh by the way
    bioshock is making me moist!

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