Community Chronicle: 28/10/12

Hey, cool! People sent in some photos this week for the gaming set up photos, so we’re back in business!

Do keep sending some things in though, as there’s not much of a buffer zone before it’ll be all empty again…

We have one wholly new entry today from Jones81, who says:

This, my friends, is where the magic happens…

It’s a fairly haphazard set up which I’ve just kind of thrown together. The centrepiece is my lovely big shiny 40 incher… Steady on Tuffcub! I am, of course referring to my Samsung D8000.

Lets just say that I recently took out a £1500 bank loan for a “car”. It’s a lovely big shiny HD, 3D, games playing “car”. Some people have a mortgage on a house, I have one on a TV!

It’s also worth noting the pile of largely unfinished games on the right. I’ve really got to stop buying them, but I’m like some kind of Sony sponsored magpie. Shiny new games FTW!

Personally I thought you must have bought all those games so you wouldn’t have to bend down to pick up your headphones!

We also have an update on Origami Killer’s gaming capabilities. I’d say it’s something of a side-grade to what he had before.

We like a good landmark on here, and blackredyellow has just hit level 23 on his trophy card. That, he thinks, means he’s escaped Freezebug’s clutches, who’s now more than a whole level behind him, but Freezebug’s got a long term plan to pull him back. Maybe.

Level 23! I remember a few years back when I thought it topped out at level 12.

Anyway, there haven’t been a lot Platinums this week, as everyone and their dog seems to be playing Dishonored. Steven finished in a fairly stealthy fashion, but PlutoniumDragon’s gone the other route with an “all guns blazing” tactic for his first run through. It really is a game tailored specifically to let you tackle everything however you want.

Crazy_Del’s back with another old game Platinum, this time James Bond 007: Blood Stone. I’m half expecting him to have a go at 007: Legends, though from what I’ve heard of it, that’s really not a game I’d want anyone to put in their console!

Hornet1990 has 100% trophies on the wonderfully odd Hell Yeah! but one of the nicest trophies I’ve heard of being earned is R1MJAW’s DiRT Showdown Platinum. having had months and months of meets, he finally got the trophy “pling” whilst alongside his long time playing partners.

Speaking of meets, it’s great to see Red Dead Redemption revitalised by its recent inclusion in PlayStation Plus. I believe it was a fully packed meet which happened on Friday night, with something a little more impromptu occurring last night too. If you’d like to get involved, there’s a forum thread dedicated to it here.

I fully expect Crysis 2 to get a similar second wind in a few weeks.

That’s all we have for today. I leave you as always with the submission form, but also ask that if you have any ideas for little segments you think would fit well in this post, to leave comments below.

See you next week!

[I’d like to point out the final line was originally “See you next wee!”. Obviously a typo, but one that was too funny to leave unmentioned – Ed]

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  1. Fairly stealthy? I finished it in a very stealthy way, only killed a few weepers due to me being ambushed by them and only killed 1 or 2 targets due to the game offering a non-lethal way of getting rid of them. That is how you do it Square instead of forcing a stealthy player to carry a lethal weapon just for the boss fights!

    Started a new playthrough last night on hard and without the awareness or heart markers on. Doing better then i thought i would as so far, i only caused 5 alarms and killed 6 times. Somehow managed to get low chaos on the first two missions despite that. :O Will be interesting to see if i get the good ending again(low chaos) or what i assume is the YOU ARE A MASSIVE DICK AND DUNWALL BURNS ending(high chaos) Do wish it was longer and had challenge maps as it needs as it lacks any replayabiltiy outside of replaying it again and giving yourself a challenge. And yes, i know about the DLC.

    • I’ve also just completed Dishonored with a ‘low chaos’ ending. I sort of mixed it up a bit killing some targets and sparing others when it felt right to do so. I plan to have two more runs through – a ‘high chaos’ one, and a ‘kill no one’ to try and wrap up any missing trophies.

    • “That is how you do it Square instead of forcing a stealthy player to carry a lethal weapon just for the boss fights!”

      Deus Ex?

      That’s why it lies uncompleted gathering dust on my shelf, and it will remain there.

  2. Awesome facehugger…and rig of course :P

    After seeing the 007 Legends trailer at Skyfall showing yesterday it didn’t actually look that bad :S So if Crazy Del does have a go at it can he let us know if it really is bad?

    • Also you can add MGS HD for Vita to my little draw, that’s all I have for gaming at the moment :(

    • Yeah class facehugger…but also kind of looks like a weirdly shaped dildo the way the tail sticks up like that! :p

  3. The Friday RDR meet wasn’t quite as busy as planned as Youles was unavailable, so we just gathered the people who were already on each others friends lists (me, heedbaw, OA, bry, Jigsaw, Mundham and An-dz) and last night was the same group but without Mundham and Jigsaw.

  4. Hey guys, yeah on platinums for the PS3 this week, Dishonoured and inFAMOUS are very time consuming. Although think i am going to pass on the platinum for inFAMOUS not enjoying it to much and i dont know why. Could be because Assassin’s Creed III is just round the corner but who knows.
    Plus i have bought the PlayStation VITA and I’m highly enjoying it. First Platinum for VITA was obtained this morning on Resistance: Burning Skies which, dispite the reviews, i found very good. Little on the short side though. I’m also a sucker for the LittleBig Planet game :D now thats a fun game!
    Anyway hopefully my next platinum will be soon but like i said Dishonored might take a while and dont know what I’ll do with inFAMOUS, we’ll just need to wait and see.

  5. Hey thanks for the mention! And thank you for doubly rubbing it in Freeze’s face! :P

    Will be more meets for RDR in the near future too.

    • Aaah, nice friendly rivalry, wait…… :P

  6. Haha. “See you next wee.”

  7. Thanks for the mention (3 times in a row)
    Oh and Tef and Origami I am NOT getting 007 Legends.
    Got Golden Eye though…… =P
    Nice gaming rig there, and awesome Facehugger too.

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