Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Disappears from Steam

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has disappeared from the Steam Store. The complete pack, which also included Vice City as well as every other game in the series, is also conspicuous in its absence from the store. The game is still available in your Steam library if you already own it, though for some reason it, GTA III and GTA: San Andreas all appear there twice. I don’t think it was like that before.

During the week, Rockstar announced that they would be celebrating Vice City’s 10th anniversary by releasing the game on iOS and Android (presumably) tomorrow. Whether the celebration is related to its disappearance from the Steam store is unknown, but let’s hope it’ll be replaced with a decent PC port.



  1. A decent Mac port wouldn’t go a miss, since the current version spins up my MacBook’s fans as much as Crysis 2 in bootcamp!

    • San Andreas spins my MBP fans too, around 4000rpm and CPU/GPU at 74 degrees.

  2. The GTA games always appeared twice in the library.

    It’s because the Mac code has been signed differently to the PC code or something.

    Strange it’s been removed from the store though. Hopefully a full HD remake is incoming?

    • A HD remake is being slightly over optimistic i think, but i too hope for the same. :)

  3. Somethin’s brewing.

  4. San Andreas has always appeared twice, it’s due to some oddity with the Mac version.

  5. All its needs is a Gamepad remake… nevermind HD.

  6. It’s gone off the Mac AppStore too

  7. all three of the ps2 ones have all appeared twice in my library since i bought them (summer sale this year)

  8. I really don’t understand the fuss over these games. The first one or two were good and different, after that it was pretty similar to the last ones.

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