WeView Verdict: Twisted Metal

Despite scoring quite highly in last week’s poll, it seems not that many of you were actually that interested in taking part in last week’s WeView. The fact that just four of you shared your opinions on the game may say more than any review possibly could, but nevertheless it’s time to bust open an old fashioned jar of opinions. Well more realistically it’s an article full of opinions, I’m not really sure how or why you’d store opinions in a jar.

Moshbag was first up to the plate this week, who called themselves “the biggest fan of TM there is” and cited Twisted Metal 2: World Tour as their “favourite game of all time”. This puts them in an excellent position to comment on the latest Twisted Metal title and, sadly, they were not all that keen on the game.

Whilst they did find that the “core gameplay is classic TM,” and noted that “it’s easy to see Jaffe’s hand at work” the game as a whole just seems to fall down. In fact they have a fairly detailed list of exactly what’s wrong with the game:

The lack of an online co-op campaign; boiling down the characters to three (in TM2 I could quite happily play a campaign for 14 different cars); the pointless inclusion of the helicopter; variety in car specials was somewhat lacking compared to old; some bizarre control choices; the inability to play co-op challenges (local or online).

Sitting at the other end of the scale was cam_manutd, who said “TM is well presented, fun and explosive.” They did have a few issues with the game though, in particular they complained that they found “adjusting to the pace, [and] those controls, cumbersome” and noted the connection issues the game has suffered outside of the US. However, they managed to put that aside and found a game that “guarantees great fun and one hell of a challenging platinum.”

We move onto frostface now, who started out knowing nothing of Twisted Metal and ended up loving the game. In fact it’s a little more complex than that as they “played the demo and thought this game isn’t for me,” but were eventually swayed by YouTube videos of the game. They were clearly glad that they took a chance on the game, as they “Absolutely loved it.”

They did suffer from the same online issues that cam_manutd noted though, complaining that “it just got no love”. The online was so bad that it stopped them recommending the game to friends, saying that whilst they wanted to “it was so unreliable I just couldn’t.”

Finally this week we have Nate. For making a comment that made me laugh they’ve earned the right to have their entire comment quoted:

Like my girlfriend, Twisted Metal takes a while to get into, is good fun when you do and best enjoyed with friends.

Unfortunately only two of you remembered to add a verdict to the game this week, leading to a tie between Rent It and Buy It, not all that informative really. However, I’d say the positive comments probably just outweighed the negatives though, so if you’re willing to let yourself get into the right mindset to like the game it might be worth a try.

As for this week’s poll, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Twisted Metal have disappeared to be replaced by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, our first fighter in a while, and Binary Domain, an obvious choice if shooting robots is your thing.



  1. I never played it so never took part & I ain’t played any of the games listed in the poll.

    Might pick twisted metal when it’s 9.99 or free on psn plus.

  2. I own none of the games in last week’s poll and only one in this week’s poll…
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gets my vote then!

  3. I guess many voters, like me, hadn’t played Twisted Metal and were just wondering how it had been received amongst the community. Job done, i know now it’s going to be no more appealing to me than previous iterations of the game, i.e. not at all really.
    This week, i’m torn between voting to make more people aware they should avoid NFS The Runs (it’s poo) and giving the half-decent Binary Domain a second chance… BD it is then :)

    • Was kind of in that boat, but entirely not at the same time – I didn’t vote for anything in the end, as whilst i didn’t have all the games, the ones i didn’t have i wasn’t interested in.

      This one i do have, but i actually only got it last month (i think) & am only about 3 levels in, so not really a good basis for a WeView! :)

  4. Its still in my wishlist this and I will get round to getting it at some point but its just so damn busy in November already with all the kart games I want! Sweet Tooth will be back :)

    • Let me know if you do pick it up – I wouldn’t mind having a quick look at the multiplayer with someone i know to hold my hand. Otherwise the Twisted Metal veteran bullies will get me!

      • I’ve still got it, would happily join some meets and run through one player with people, it’s a great game.

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