As If It Wasn’t Obvious, Rockstar Confirm Spring 2013 For GTA V

[drop2]Presumably timed in an attempt to disrupt Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III review embargo, Rockstar have issued confirmation that the recently leaked Spring 2013 date for Grand Theft Auto V is indeed true.

Crucially only PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are mentioned for that release window, suggesting that the inevitable PC version will be behind it, alongside what’d also expect to see: a Nintendo Wii U version.


Anyone wondering whether this will appear on PS Vita or 3DS (in some form) are also left doing exactly that.

Once again, the publisher is keen to convey that this will – predictably – be somewhat grand in scale. Using words like “largest”, “thriving” and “sprawling” points to a game that’ll be about much more than just Los Santos, the LA-styled area seen in GTA: San Andreas last generation.

“Grand Theft Auto ‘ builds on everything we’ve learned about open world game design,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “We can’t wait to share it with fans.”

The game will be available for pre-order starting next week, if you like to do that sort of thing. Tip: it’s highly unlikely that the game will be unavailable to buy on its release date, but there you go. It’s expected that major publications will get the jump on everything GTA very soon, if there’s anything of note we’ll let you know as soon as we’re able.



  1. Yay.

  2. As long as the PC port isn’t a horrendously un-optimised mess like last time I`ll pick this up but not until its perfectly clear they`ve done a better job.
    Not a ton of love between Rockstar and the PC community these days.

    • I don’t think there hasn’t been since GTA2, which my laptop still runs beautifully. Top-down FTW!

  3. Obviously they can wait else they would have told us.

  4. Hmmmmm, guess I’ll be getting it twice then.

  5. Oh. Can they just delay it a few months. This is guaranteed to release while I am desperately trying to finish my dissertation.
    Really looking forward to it though.

  6. is that meant to look like Yvonne Strahovski? Because it really does.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing.

  7. i think i’ll have to borrow or rent it before buying, they forgot to make the last one fun.
    let’s hope they remember this time.

    • agreed on this. I found the last one very boring.

    • Indeed, it felt too much like Life and not a medium to escape through.

      Plus i want the people i mow down to leap thirty feet in the air whilst detaching their limbs with alarming haste.

    • Same as, could not even complete due to those annoying date with the girlfriend missions’!

      Bloody hell Rockstar if i want to go on a date, i’ll switch of the PS3 and treat my real, living, breathing wife! :)

  8. Yeah i have to admit i’m not really that excited about a new GTA game. In a world that now has Saints Row, GTA seems incredibly boring. Unless they really change up the game for GTAV, i’ll wait for Saints Row 4

  9. Huh? oh yeah, yipee and all that jazz. *goes back to staring at the tits*

    Hopefully tis in March and i can pick up for my birthday. If not, i’ll steal a car and reenact the events of GTA. :P

  10. “available for pre-order starting next week” – ShopTo has had it listed for months, no doubt a lot of other places too.

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