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Report: PS4 Dev Kits Now Shipping, Unveiling Next Summer

New PlayStation 4 development kits are currently winging their way to developers, according to a new report over on VG247. The story claims that the device, which is still being dubbed Orbis and which will feature a Blu-ray player, isn’t being developed in Japan as many might have assumed.

This obviously isn’t the first such dev kit, and it’s not the last (that’s expected early next year) but it does give us some scope in terms of the spec of the machine, which is apparently housed like a PC and features AMD’s A10 APU chipset.

The information comes, apparently, from a private ‘disclosure meeting’ in which developers were given the details of the new console, which is aiming for full 1080p games, in 3D, at sixty frames per second. Not 4K, as previous rumours suggested.

The console has “either 8GB or 16GB of RAM”* and will come with a 256GB hard drive as standard. 256GB suggests a solid state drive to us, given that it’s not exactly commonplace to get a hard drive at that capacity.

Although the inputs and outputs will be identical to the PS3, the UI will have something of makeover, and will allow gamers to press the PS button on the controller and “travel anywhere in the system”, which will allow things like seamless DLC purchases, of all things.

The report also claims that the PS4 will be revealed before E3 next year.

* We’re assuming VG247 meant GB, not Gb.


  1. I’m in absolutely no rush to go 4K so a console generation in the meantime is fine with me. 1080p 60FPS… yes, please!

  2. Personally, i’d like to see the next generation of hardware and the game engines running on them, do more in the area of A.I, as found that’s been an area that’s suffered this generation.

    The Alien behaviour pattern was, for myself nailed in the Windows ’95 AVP game by Rebellion, what i encountered in the PS3/360 AVP was pityful by comparison, also gutted to see this gen.Brothers In Arms have worse A.I than the Xbox originals and RTS games to still suffer poor path finding A.I.

    Developers going on about lighting effects (and lens flare? my god, thought that went out as a big selling point in the 3DO/PS1 era!) and increased resolutions etc, but a standout game, visually for myself this generation, was Alan Wake on 360 and that was what? 540P? but it created such a wonderous enviroment to be playing in, it never felt it needed to be any higher.

    Also, ditch the ‘dead fish’ eyes on characters next generation please developers, ta.

  3. Also, i have to air a few concerns as a PS3/PSP owner and having read and posted on the Vita lowest sales thread:

    After seeing how both PS2 and PS3 ‘suffered’ on the RAM front and how sadly so little Sony seem to have learnt with the PS3 (oohh we don’t need those exclusives, or marketing, brand will sell itself) and Eyetoy and Move on PS3-great potential, sadly so under used and Vita just in need of a huge boost….

    Unless Sony take a bloody good hard look at themselves these past few years (and start treating customers with the respect they once had) and basically deliver a triple-A gaming experience i can only get on PS4, not an ‘almost as good as Xbox:next’ experience, then making the console the most powerful, region free and with free online gaming, won’t i’m afraid be enough to get my hard earned, this time around.

    I’d loathe to see Sony drop out of the hardware market, as a consumer, i feel we need strong competition, but unless lessons are learnt and humble pie eaten, can see it happening next gen.

  4. In fact, scratch above post, what i really want, is for a piece of new hardware to excite me damnit! Like seeing 3D Monster Maze running on the ZX81 running for the 1st time, or Dungeon Master on the Atari ST or even AVP on the Jaguar!, seeing something that really does make your jaw drop and you to just know you HAVE to get that system.

    Not had this if i’m brutally honest since the very 1st Playstation.I’m faced with the very real possibility that not only is gaming no longer aimed at myself anymore, but i’ll never see days like these again, it’ll just be another round of ‘Me too’ machines all doing what the other does, either out of the box or via add-ons and where as 1 might render a scene at 55 FPS the other does it at 60 FPS, but only has 4X A.A yadda yadda.

    I don’t care, i want good old fashioned escapism and a gaming experience i just cannot put down, not a box that’s an all in 1 social media box streaming all and sundary 24/7 that also plays games.

    Not going to happen though is it?.

  5. As I’ve said before, PS4 needs to offer me something not only unique but also something I want and be able to do it at a reasonable price.
    Otherwise, simply not interested.

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