Community Chronicle: 04/11/12

I feel sorry for anyone with pets right now. Those fireworks might be pretty and enjoyable for humans, but cats and dogs will no doubt be cowering under beds and cars.

Poor kitties…

This week I need to implore people to send things in, once more! XisTG is featured this time, but next week will be empty unless you contribute…

Here’s XisTG’s own description of his gaming set up:

The first picture is my main PS3, good ol’ fatty, still gaming and folding away. That’s a 32″ LCD, where I do most of my gaming. On the right side you’ll see the bluetooth headphones from Sony, one of the best purchases I ever made!

Second picture is the remnants of my old Playstation games. I like to think I kept some of the best, which I then proceeded to buy again on PSN! The third picture is this gen’s gaming disk collection, minus 5 or 6 that I lent. My wife was playing with the Vita at the time, so no picture of that.

Fourth, and what I’m most proud of is best shown in the dark. After years of wanting a Philips with Ambilight I finally bought one this year. This is actually the living room TV (40” LED), so I only play on it when my wife’s not watching anything. I’ll go blind one day, I’m sure, but oh the pretty colours!

Anyone that says that Ambilight isn’t a cool effect is a plonker. Incidentally, it should actually help you not go blind, or suffer from too much eyestrain, as it lessens the contrast to the darkness in the background. So, play games at night all you want with that one!

Another quiet week around these parts. I guess everyone’s busy playing new games that have come out?

I know that my friends list is heavily leaning towards Assassin’s Creed 3 play time at the moment, and over in the forums element666 was wondering if anyone would like to gather up for a bit multiplayer?

After all, he’s only gone and polished off the Platinum for Borderlands 2 earlier this week, so he’s moving onwards. There are those that still need buddies to play with in Borderlands 2, and Roynaldo and RyanMartin1991 are amongst those. They’d like to get the best gun in the game, but after tens of attempts at killing the boss who has it, they’re still unable to get the luck for it to drop.

Elsewhere, a lot of people are still playing Dishonored. TSBonyman has just finished his run through, enjoying himself so much that he didn’t mind having to replay the same section over and over (he forgot to save!). Steven’s bored though. His second run through done and he’s done with it. So he’s was out of the running, but for those still gunning for it, Wolf-OF-Chaos has already claimed the fastest Platinum trophy for Dishonored.

Over on the Vita, Youles is still dutifully plugging away at LittleBigPlanet Vita, earlier this week asking for a little help in getting 50 plays on his level… He now has well over 2000. It’s OK guys, you can all stop now he doesn’t need the plays anymore! B_Cambo continued his Platinum charge with Resistance: Burning Skies last week, though I disagree with his opinion that it was an OK game.

We’ll round this off with Mass Effect 3, I think. Hazelam, always with a strongly worded opinion to her, got to the end. That didn’t really go down too well:

Frankly, it’s absolutely, totally frakking awful.

From the lack of closure to most of the character’s stories, to the fact that all the players choices throughout the five year, 3 game history have bugger all impact on the ending. The only choice that mattered came from an element introduced in the dying seconds of the final game, without even any hints to it’s existence beforehand.

She continues, but I think you get the gist. She wasn’t impressed!

That’s all we have for this week. I leave you as always with the submission form, but also ask that if you have any ideas for little segments you think would fit well in this post, to leave comments below. Having said that, there are a few changes in the works.

See you next week. (Not “wee”, this time)

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  1. Oh that frickin gun!! I Havnt played Borderlands in 3 or 4 days now after pretty much giving my life to getting it. At least 60 times that boss has met its maker but with no luck. I DESERVE THAT GUN!! *sigh*

    In other news i’ve just reached Trophy Lvl 17 which is quite a personal achievement considering I reached Lvl 16 about a year ago now.

    • oh yeah, nearly forgot. What’s that game that’s turned around in the pic XisTG? Hannah Montana by any chance? Hmmmm? ;)

      • At least he has the Daddy of all arcade racers on show, so he can be forgiven for whatever the embarrassing game might be :P

      • Alphabetical order, so that should be Dead Space 2 :p

        @freezebug2, I’m waiting for NFSMW, or as I like to call it, “Burnout Paradise 2” ;)

      • I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed mate, a big step up from the past several NFS games and you can immediately tell that Criterion were at the helm.
        Although you’ll be driving around Fairhaven, there are a lot of similarities to Paradise to be seen en route!
        Some of the better parts from several NFS games mixed with big hints of Burnout Paradise is probably how I’d describe what I’ve seen so far. Excellent!

  2. I’m up for the AC3 meet if its on ps3, I would love it if some did the sequence with me till sequence 10, I tried it by myself but got up to sequence 5. It’s easier with 2 or 4 people, I just need that online trophy then I will start the story if anyone interest show some love here :)

    • Sound,I was thinking of setting the AC3 meet for thursday evening?
      All i’ve been playing is wolfpack online!its awesome :)

      • Yeh am up for that on Thursday.

        I haven’t played wolfpack, played manhunt discovered that’s the quickest way to get to level 20 lol but am up for whatever game mode really. What’s ya psn?

    • We can do a bit of both,and its element666 :)

  3. How about incorporating the tsa trophy leaderboard into here? Since it cant be done in the forum currently, could we have the table posted into this?

    • Probably the best idea I’ve heard all week, anywhere.

      Please do this! Make it so!

      • Agreed. Would perhaps attract more attention to the article and leaderboards!

      • Fantastic idea. Make it so.

    • I had the same idea last week, so update your cards.

      • Great minds think alike. I’ve been trying to update my card but it appears that Sony hate the iPad. It used to let me log in but not any more.

      • Oi! Don’t steal my thunder! That’s the most praise I’ve had for years! Hence all the exclamation marks!!!!!

  4. I platinumed Resistance this week too- I have to agree, it was an ok game.
    There were definitely some rough sections (and the compressed videos) holding it back though. It needed more development time I think.
    There were certainly parts that looked good and played great. There was just too much filler.

  5. I just thought Resistance was to short, would have loved for it to be slightly longer but i did enjoy it. I now have liberation on vita, not got into it yet still playing Bulletstorm and Assassins Creed III on PS3 not to mention NFS Most Wanted! I think I’ll need to calm down on the game purchasing for the moment, starting a backlog already lol!
    Think my next plat will be Assassin’s Creed III or Bulletstorm depending if Crazy_del, AjK99 and myself can get the Anarchy Master trophie!
    Thanks for the mentions guys, happy gaming!

  6. X=TG is a great interpretation eheh ;)
    And yes, the Ambilight works great with general TV watching, but somehow when playing I still need a dim light somewhere in the room. I guess the eyes work in a different way?

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