Skyrim ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Trailer Released

Bethesda has released a trailer for the next Skyrim’s next DLC instalment, which is called Dragonborn.


The trailer shows new elements including what will appear to be the ability to use dragons as mounts. There are also new enemy types present in the trailer, and there is a quick glimpse of an enemy riding beast into a fight. Though the main story of the DLC is not completely introduced it does seem that one of the characters could well be the first Dragonborn, as referenced in the final sentence of the trailer’s speech.

Bethesda has announced that ‘Dragonborn’ will be available on Xbox 360 from December 4th for 1600 MS Points, but has not announced a release date nor a price point for PS3 owners. The optimist in me wants to assume that this is all a part of a timed exclusivity deal, but with still no word on the PS3 release of both the previous Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard & Hearthfire, it may not be a time to hold your breath.

Source: Bethesda



  1. they should really work on releasing the ps3 versions first!

  2. I do hope that dragon riding is a scripted event as dragons refuse to be treated like horses. Barring a certain one that gives you a ride, they would rather eat you then give you a lift.

    It looks like Morrowind in terms of setting which is good as Skyrim didn’t stand out as a RPG setting. It looked fairly generic. The first dragonborn vs the last dragon had better be the hardest fight in the game.

    • Definitely Morrowind. I’ll never forget that architecture!

      Obviously it won’t be the entirety of Morrowind. I wonder how they’re going to do it? It also looked like Solsthiem as it had those certain enemies that were riding the boar-like things. Can’t remember what those were called.

      I loved Morrowind more than anything, so this looks really interesting. I was also the person who downloaded every dragon riding mod that existed for it, so it’ll be nice to fly the skies of Morrowind again on a dragon! :D

      • It’s only Solsthiem that you visit because wasn’t morrowind area destroyed or something. It would be nice to revist Vvardenfell through the skyrim engine.

        I still play morrowind to this day, but of course i use alot of hd texture mods.

  3. Pleeaase sort out the DLC for PS3. Skyrim was my favourite game this year and I’d love a good reason to dust it off again.

  4. I refuse to buy anything else from them following New Vegas and Skyrim. Effectively I paid £80 for 2 fundamentally broken games that have never and will never be fully fixed. They are the Toyota of gaming. As for DLC, couldn’t care less now.

  5. loooooool

    Bathesda… Is the most disgusting game company, i have ever introduced to…
    They are following the money and nothing more… By revealing this 3rd content on XBOX without annnyyyyyy information regarding PS3 contents, I think Sony Should punish them for all the lies they were speaking about during the last 4 months… Boys it’s just about timely contract between bathesda and Microsoft…

    Really, i swear god if we just promise not to buy annyyy new game for this company because what they are doing then maybe @ that time they will re-thing about releasing all the previous contents for PS3…

    Good Bye Bathesda with my respect for your manners…

    • If people boycott the PS3 versions of Bethesda games they’ll just stop supporting the PS brand. Bethesda games are awesome, even buggy they sell and Sony needs Bethesda more than Bethesda needs Sony.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. If Bethesda refused to release games on the Playstation 3, Microsoft wouldn’t have to pay stupidly high fees to get exclusive DLC timeframes since it would be the only platfrom (consoles) anyways.
        It’s an impossible feat but I would love to see the look on their faces if one of their flagship franchises manages to get zero sales on one platform with a lot of protest online (civilized of course).
        Otherwise they will just keep on releasing buggy games…

  6. Cool concept and Morrowind was always my favourite setting but like others I can’t help but feel it seems like a bad move to work on this and realise it when PS3 owners are still unsatisfied.

  7. That looks,fantastic. Haven’t bought the other DLC on Steam yet, but I’m buying this one, no question.

  8. I’m sure I’ve read that the PS3 build is nigh on impossible to add to. They’ll bring out a GOTY edition with it all on.

  9. I honestly can’t imagine anybody thinking PS3 owners will ever get digital DLC, maybe a GotY edition, but Skyrim on PS3 is pretty much done.
    I used to get pissed about this, but I realized that I used to play ALOT of games that never had DLC. It didn’t bother me then, so I’m not going to let it bother me now. Skyrim was great, I enjoyed ever single minute of my 400+ hours. When I think about the $65 I paid for it, I’m pretty sure I got my moneys worth of Skyrim. So I don’t get to give Bethesda more money, that’s their lose. Instead I can take that money and buy another game which is my gain. Now I’m just happy Bethesda even released it for the PS3 in the first place… and took the time to patch it several times, because when I think about it further, they weren’t required to do either. Hopefully, one day next year I’ll get the opportunity to by the GotY edition will all the DLC… at a cost cheaper than the total cost of the digital DLC. In my new humble opinion- it’s better to have loved and lost then to never have played Skyrim at all.

    • Interesting point there. I like it, and I’m going to adopt your outlook!

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