Nintendo Direct Videos Divulge More Wii U Details

Nintendo’s little video presentations are something of an oddity, especially when set against the backdrop of how the other platform holders put their information out. Nintendo Direct streams little videos at specific times that look into their upcoming products. Today, with only a few weeks to go until launch, the Wii U got some love.

First up, Iwata did an unboxing video. We’re not sure if the gloves are strictly necessary but the obvious humour and self-awareness are refreshing in an industry where these things are often taken so seriously.


Next, here’s a video showing off the user accounts. Basically, it’s up to 12 per machine, saves and settings will be kept separately for each account. Miis make a return, obviously and there’s some details about the new Nintendo Network IDs.

Finally, we’re given a little look at the Wii U Chat application. Iwata chats with Reggie, who tries a bit of Japanese. I love how everyone seems to be entering into this with their tongue firmly in cheek.



  1. A box opening ceremony, what will they think of next.
    There seems to be some useful functions on the Wii U like the video chat, not sure about the drawing on screen at the same time as it will be hard to police.

  2. I like these videos, Sony should do something like this I think, to explain how to use Vita and the new ps4.

    Still wont be buying this, my last one is good for gathering dust and thats it.

  3. Oh that unboxing video was terrible. “Sorry, I seem to have made a bit of mess opening this” and “I feel like I’m on a shopping channel.”


    • he’s joking. Basically, they’re kind of taking the piss out of unboxing videos but really subtly and with a lot of class… while still releasing an unboxing video (they’re very popular). I think it’s brilliant.

      • I don’t really like that. From an unboxing I want professionalism and and good run-down of all components with specialist knowledge.

  4. I’m going to video the ‘unboxing’ on my shopping tonight.

    • as long as that’s all you will be unboxing, thats fine.

  5. douchebag!*sorry thinking out loud again*
    anyone got hands big enough for that controller?

  6. The unboxing video is brilliant, there are some potentially almost cult quotes in there – ‘it’s a bit stiff… perhaps I should wear some gloves’. Wonderful!

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