New GTA V Info Release, More Than Just Cover Art

For GameInformer, belonging to the world’s largest retailer of videogames must be a double edged sword. On one hand, people will constantly be curious as to how much influence the desire to sell things has on editorial decisions (we’re told that it’s none at all, by the way). On the other hand, that buying power and prominent placement near the cashpoint in GameStop stores, means publishers are lining up to give you exclusive cover reveals and info dumps.

Rockstar is one such publisher, finally ending the steady drip of images that have been publicising GTA V thus far. GameInformer has just gone live with their cover art (below) and some extra little details about the game itself, which is nice. All this, of course, comes ahead of the much-touted trailer release that we’re expecting next week – as part of another special deal with a large outlet, IGN, as is the wont of the global PR community.

We didn’t get much yet though – there’s three protagonists and they’re used in a “groundbreaking way” according to the tease on They also say that the new Los Santos is the largest open world Rockstar has ever created, which is not at all surprising. The magazine is out for digital subscribers at 2PM Central, which is 8PM GMT, so we’ll have more information shortly after that.


  1. Guy on the right looks like last-gen Max Payne.

    • Looks like Sam Worthington to me.

      • To be fair to you both, kinda looks like a hybrid of the two to me! :)

  2. Also I heard b bup can’t remember his name from San Andreas is going be in the game. He was voiced & revealed by the rapper calle Game for those who don’t listen to rap lol he is dope

    • Yeah, The Game is coming back as B Dup, apparently. hopefully CJ is in it too, maybe the middle guy is related to him somehow?

      • He is called Game now lol Triple H & the wrestling federation told him change his name or they will sue.

        Didn’t B Dup die though that mission kill Dup in SA

      • Spoilers!!! :D

      • was he dat lousy rapper that had you stealing lyrics?

      • Sympozium that would be OG Loc who works at the fast food joint.

  3. Am disappointed it’s just Los Santos but if it’s very detailed and feels like a city, i don’t mind it being LS only. Now we just need to see another trailer, some gameplay(Read:A rockstar dev running over a hooker after he’s had sex with said hooker in game).

    • Do we need to see gameplay to know it will feature people that need to be steered by cars, awkward use of shoulder buttons, poor targeting, floaty almost flying cars, endless map-marker missions that get boring… but yet somehow despite being borderline rubbish is actually an amazing ‘playground’ to go nuts in taking up loads of your free-time?

      • Maybe they fixed all of that?

      • You know what they say, 18th times a charm.

  4. Wonder if there’s time zones here. Bloke on the right looked much older in the first trailer, no?

    Someone else said that bridge is the one into The Grove, too. =)

    • It is clearly set in the future because that is the Police precint from Blade Runner in the background, the tall round building.

  5. As we’re all spotting and jotting I’ve noticed zero females in this game. Looks like it’s some sort of homoerotic romp which’ll please many. I’ll just draw a selection of tits on the screen and try to match-up the more effeminate characters so I feel placated.

    • Is ‘spotting & jotting’ like ‘popping & locking’?

      I now have a vision of everyone sat behind their monitors doing the robot.

    • There was a saucy female being arrested by a lady cop in one of the previous art releases.

  6. Ooh – Exclusive – Shaving is in the game!

    You can see that the chappie in the front is wearing the clean shave look, the guy to the right has a five o’clock shadow & the guy on the left clearly hasn’t bothered for a couple of days.

    Replaces weight lifting/body sculpting from GTA SA & if you don’t bother with it, rather than get fat, you just look like jesus at the end of the game.

    • And you need make sure your guy visits the loo every now and then unless you want to have a shit experience. As well as getting checked for STDs after using a hooker.

    • that would explain why there’s not playable female characters, they want to show off the new facial hair engine they’ve developed. ^_^

  7. All 3 protagonists look like very different characters, should be really good to see what each of their storylines are!

  8. shame they’ve still yet to include a woman as the lead character in the dozen GTA games they’ve made so far.

    that’s annoying, but not as bad as finding out they’d left all the fun out of the last game.

  9. This has popped up somewhere on the internet (it came to my inbox). Very interesting/exciting :)

    • What about the last GTA guy didn’t he make it

    • This could be amazing! But Tommy Vercetti would be the oldest, so swap the two on the sides and voila!

    • damn, claude hasn’t aged well. O_O

      • oh, and if they’re bringing back Vercetti, they gotta get Ray Liotta back.

  10. 3 way co-op? Now that would be something!!

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