Sony Kickstarters New PS3 Game Sportsfriends

[drop2]Sportsfriends, a compilation of four PlayStation 3 games, has already gotten support from Sony in the form of backing via their smart Pub Fund financial scheme.

But in what we reckon is a first, Doug Wilson, producer of the games, is looking for assistance from the public in the form of a Kickstarter.


He’s looking for $150,000 in a month, with pledges above a certain level effectively amounting to pre-orders of the game.

At the time of writing, it’s just broken $6,000, and at just $15 a pre-order and plenty of free publicity, we’re hoping that that figure won’t take long to reach.

Sportsfriends is a four-pack of super-casual friendly titles, the main draw being the slightly odd but potentially wonderful Johann Sebastian Joust. It’s a face-to-face sword fighting game with Move controllers, and supports up to seven players. You can read more about that one here.

The other three games included are BaraBariBall, a cool looking fighting game, Super Pole Riders, from the guy who made Pole Riders (and QWOP), and Hokra, a 2-vs-2 minimalistic sports game.

If you want to read more about the project and take a closer look at the Kickstarter project page, it’s all here. It’s an interesting approach, especially one that’s already got the considerable weight of Sony’s Pub Fund behind it, but it’s such a cool concept that I can’t see many having much of an issue with it.



  1. I looked up the kickstarter ( (A link would of been handy! :P) and it’s looks quite good, for PS3 at least. They seem like good games, although to me they look more like they should be PS Minis.

    • I know, sorry, forgot. Added it now though.

      Don’t forget the visuals are concepts and prototypes at this stage.

      • True, didn’t think of that. Super Pole Riders could be great fun, especially if they give it a feel (and graphical update) to make it like Rag Doll Kung Fu, which was brilliant fun.

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