Community Chronicle: 11/11/12

Changes are afoot! There’s a new twist to this weekly feature, which we’ll get to down below, and necessitates a second page to the article.

Before we get to that, though, we have our regular segments:

This week it’s a bit of a game of Spot The Difference. We had MadJunkBoy showing off his wares a couple months back, but since then he’s made a few changes. Can you tell what they are?

The first photo is of his old layout, and the second of his new one.

For the cheat sheet, here’s MJB:

Hello again TSA! I am back, and this time I have updated pictures!

Remember my old setup? You do?! You stalker! Anyway, if you’re not stalking me you can see it in the first picture. Picture 2 is my updated setup, where I got rid of the old TV and took the White TV-Bench for myself. Then in the last picture you have my new friend: a Razer Megalodon! The Headset is awesome! The only downside is that it’s not compatible with the PS3, my guess it’s because of the Maelstrom Audio Engine which you can see to the right of the headset.

Well that was my improved setup. So, what do you think? Be honest!

Looks good, MJB!

If you’d like to show off your games set up, whether it’s awesome, rubbish, awesomely rubbish, or just a bit pants, use the entry form below to send in a photo or four to me.

Pretty please?

Alright, we’ll start things off with a couple new fastest platinums, with blackredyellow taking Lord of The Rings: War in the North (alongside a non-fastest Sniper Elite V2 platinum), and Crazy_Del persisting with Medal of Honor: Warfighter to the Platinum.

Did he enjoy the game? Well, Yogdog didn’t. In response to Del’s accomplishment he said: “Congrats! I couldn’t force myself to play that [awful] game. I actually felt like I’d been ripped off by EA.” Sadly Del “Couldn’t agree more. Does feel rip off. Campaign very short. MP is broken but I got used to them. Hardest trophy is Hardcore mode.”

So I think that’s a big fat thumbs down. Disappointing. Maybe Black Ops 2 will fare a little better? We’ll have to wait and see, but Tobo would like a little help getting the last couple of trophies he needs for its predecessor, Modern Warfare 3. Are you interested?

Youles is also gearing up for playing some new games, having polished off Rage at 2AM of a morning, but Samiro05 is already on the new stuff, adding Dishonored to his own list of things.

Another new guy on the block is Parryman. Well, he’s been around on TSA for half a year, but he’s only just got his fourth platinum from Lego Batman 2, and two of those were from Motorstorm: RC! Keep plugging away at them, chap.

We finish up with some extracts from Yogdog’s short story of his gaming exploits of late. I’m rather sceptical that he did all of this in the last week, but you can get the whole thing here. Some mightily impressive stuff in there, including:

  • Completed XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Normal Ironman difficulty, next up is Classic Ironman.
  • Finally won my week long (in terms of an hour every here and there for a week) battle against 7 hard AI in a free for all on Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion on a huge map.
  • Started to play through the Command and Conquer Generals campaigns on Hard difficulty, really fun. Got the GLA and USA ones done, just need to complete the final mission on the Chinese one before I move on to Zero Hour.
  • Completed FTL for the second time with the Kestral, great ship to use if you get the right setup. Will continue playing it now and again, need to unlock a few more ships.

Well, what’s next Yogdog? “Need to actually continue playing Dishonoured and Borderlands 2 but I think Blops 2 will be the game dominating my week off next week. Zombie mode!”

Alright guys, it’s time for some new stuff, and this comes in the form of… well… old stuff, I guess. A couple of weeks ago a inferior race approached me about getting the trophy leaderboards integrated into the Chronicle. Some of you mentioned this in the comments last week, but hand on heart we were already working on it!

Happens every time.

So, from here on, alternating between one and the other each week, we’ll have the trophy leaderboard and the fastest platinum leaderboards over on page two. You should still put your trophies in the forum thread over here.

You can head there now, but first the usual submission form:

Community Chronicle Entry Form
Please submit your entry in the form below.
TSA id: *
Email address: *
Which feature do you wish to submit your entry to? *
Details about your accomplishment or rig? *
If you have a picture then please upload it here.

 Head over to page 2 for the tables.

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  1. What a bunch of trophy whores! *reports Tef for being a pimp* :p

    Also, MJB you are one to talk mister stalks half of the TSA regs and was found standing naked against Tef’s window the other day as well as leaving disturbing pictures everywhere at TSAs and stole my tea. Barsteward.

    Would say that i’m surprised i’m not mentioned but i’ve not really done anything apart from get AC3,which is good but takes a bit too long to get started and could have just started from Conner instead but it would mean we would have a shorter game, unless they use certain parts to i’m stopping here as i fear i will risk spoiling it for you. Also, avoid any AC3 adverts as they are using the launch trailer which contains a lot of spoilers according to Peter. :( Almost happened to me this morning.

    I love the naval battles and if they were to implent a mp naval battles that requires you to build your ship from scratch as well as earning point either via winning battles or team work etc.. i would be all over it. Sadly, tis restricted to single player and this is one of the few times, you will hear be say that. :O Do wish that i could explore using the ship as it’s easily one of the best features in the game. I do hope they will release a lot of naval related DLC. Or one massive expansion based on it.

    If you are wondering when the game actually starts, i can’t actually tell you as some people may view it as a spoiler. Also, you won’t believe what happens in AC3.

    Oh and i did complete Metal Gear Solid 2:Plot twists are us and we may have gone a bit ott with this. Tis the weakest of the series. Thankfully, MGS4 answers most of the questions we have after playing number 2.

    • i thought u were going to be quiet when u got ur money!! :P

      • I refuse to accept used condoms as payment with £ signs written on! Plus, i don’t accept bribes*Accepts a cup of tea as a bribe from EA*.

      • whats wrong with that bribe?
        atleast i washed them after using them!

      • IT’S A USED CONDOM! *walks out of the room and blacklists MJB*

  2. :-( Teflon and inferior race are trying to steal my thunder! This is an outrage, I want my money back (or something).
    Regardless of whose idea it was (read mine), this is an excellent idea. The leaderboards were always so popular in the forums, great to see them making an appearance on the front page, displaying yet again how important the community is to TSA and vice versa.

    • I am authorised to give you a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos as compensation. And Tef has just shoved a toeshoe up my arse for making a Doritos joke. T-T

      • Ok, I’ll pm you my address, I will expect the gifts early next week. Hold on a minute, I can’t trust you with my address can I?

      • never give ur address to steven! unlike me he will actually come to ur house 3-4 times a week and harrass u!
        i only come once to set up some cameras in ur house when ur not at home… ohh wait…

      • Can’t promise if it will arrive early next week due to the Royal Mail and MJB is lying. I only did that to MJB in an attempt to stop him from harrasing Teflon(which failed).

      • teflon loves me! i know he does!
        he just hasn’t realised it yet!

      • He never loved you and has taken a lot of restraining orders against you. In fact, he asked me to “take care” of you. But seeing as someone stole my licence to kill(the test is actually easy to pass :o ), i can’t. Wait, you stole it didn’t you!?

      • i have no idea what u are talking about!
        *whistles and walks out of the room*

    • Glad to see I still have the Battlefield 3 and Skyrim fastest plats!

  3. @MJB I thought that the subtle changes would be the Arsenal pictures being swapped for a Manchester United collage of wallpaper. :P
    Nice layout man, couldn’t see your Sega Dreamcast wheel and pedals though lol.

    • i putted that shit were it belongs, back in the storage room!
      think that wheel and pedals were too old for my PS3 :P

      and i would never, ever swap my/my dads Arsenal stuff for some Man Utd crap! :P

  4. I have to admit, some of them were done over the last MONTH or so, but as I hadn’t posted in a while I decided to shove them all in the same post :)

  5. Must clean my set-up to show…

  6. Okay, lets begin.

    Prototype 2 29/4/2012 13:14
    Captain America: super soldier 16/7/2011 15:38
    Dead island 26/9/2011 12:00
    Silent hill 3 15/8/2012 8:22
    The darkness 2 12/2/2012 15:50
    xmen destiny 2/10/2011 9:35

    Wow, it’s a nice day outside and i’m sitting here comparing plat. To reiterate,WOW.

      Not The Darkness 2 – *cries*

    • No not x-men destiny lol
      Still held the fastest for a while :)

    • Hi,

      Would you be able to post these in the forum thread please, as the comments are purged every so often and it would just mike my life easier.


    • Boo for beating me on Dead Island! Oh well, I stole it from R1MJAW anyway. Kudos on those times

  7. *platinum times

  8. Yeah big thumbs down on Medal of Honor, still loving Multiplayer though just waiting for it to be patched.
    And yes hopefully Black Ops 2 might be a bit better, but we’ll shall see.
    And congrats to everyone on their platinums ^^
    Now back to Assassin’s Creed III

    • My gf got black ops 2 early and from what were have played so far (bit of mp and zombies) it’s pretty good. Treyarch is without a doubt the better developer then iw.

  9. i think it’s pretty safe to say you won’t be seeing my name on that list any time soon.

    i’m still waiting for my first platinum, and i think i’m gonna be waiting for a long time.

    thankfully trophies and the like aren’t really something i play for, though maybe i would care more if was better at getting them. ^_^

  10. Well done on everyones acomplishments! Ive been away from TSA for some time but now I shall be gearing up some trophy collecting as its now being published on here now. Nice touch btw

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