News Snatch: Discworld, Cube Woes And More Creed For Aveline?

22 Can’s Curiosity Cube has become interesting for all the wrong reasons. Experiment subjects have not been able to log on and others are seeing the cube in different states, I checked this morning and the cube was still stuck in a pristine brown form which is the same view I have had since Thursday. Players have also reported their coins have been vanishing. Molyneux has said they can fix they problem but it will cost money and guess who he wants to pay for the fix? Yes it’s you!


Bethesda release broken games but eventually fix them a year later for free, 22 Cans release free games but ask for cash to fix them.  Capcom release broken games, acknowledge they are broken but cancel the patch to fix the problem and Polytron refuse to patch their game because it costs too much. Do you ever get the feeling that loyal supporters of the games industry are getting royally shafted?

Free DLC is a rarity these days and free DLC from Activision is practically unheard of so be on the lookout for flying pigs as the behemoth is to release zero-cost Skyfall DLC for 007 Legends. The content will arrive on PS3 first with Xbox and PC owners getting their grubby mitts on the data on November 20th.

Staying with Activision, or more precisely Treyarch, the ‘Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy’ has been published. It details the many ways you can be banned and the rules cover modding, glitching and waving your penis on-screen during a live stream.

It is official, Jeff Rubenstein has left the building. “I’ve been lucky to serve as Social Media Dudebro since 2007,” said Jeff, “After five years, 5,995 blog posts, and 10,888 Tweets, today is my final day at PlayStation.” Sad times.

If you are going to spend this evening huddling outside your local GAME in the freezing cold waiting for them to sell you a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II then please be careful. Two people were robbed at knife point in Basildon after the local GAME opened at midnight to sell Halo 4. One 22 year old gamer had just left the store when he was approached by two men and relieved of his phone.

Talking of GAME the CEO Martyn Gibbs has revealed the company is in line to make £20 million in pre-tax profit, although it is still in debt to the tune of £106 million to parent company OpCapita. GAME is said to be running without credit insurance, Comet was in the same situation before it collapsed two weeks ago.

A little snippet of news regarding Assassin’s Creed III – or more precisely, its dinky hand held sister, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation. Ubisoft’s chief sales and marketing officer Geoffroy Sardin said “The consumers are aware that Aveline, the main character on the Vita format, could have a future in our history for the Assassin’s Creed brand.”

Was anyone else aware of that? Could Aveline play a larger part in next year’s Assassin’s Creed III version 2 remix that is almost certain to be released?

And finally, a Discworld app will soon be loose on the iTunes Store courtesy of British developer Agant, check out Sir Terry introducing the latest addition to the streets of Ankh Morpork.



  1. I feel your use of bolding is mental.

  2. Oooh, Discworld!!

  3. Was hoping it would be a discworld game on the PSN. Telltalegames style would have been immense.

  4. Good to see GAME back on point but their pricing is ridiculous, they will stumble if they don’t sort it out.

    I only wish CEX sold brand new games rather than just pre owned that shop is too awesome

    • “Assassin Creed III version 2 remix that is almost certain to be released?” Ha! I like tha.

    • They do, well the one in Streatham does, they were selling brand new Blops2 on Saturday.

  5. Really that is very good ply game. I am very exited when i play this type very nice game. thanks who make this excellent game. thanks

    • Well Liberation is no way near bad.

  6. Seeing as Game are rippoffs and sell preowned games that cost even more or a few pounds cheaper then a brand new copy, i don’t think they will last much longer.

    Seeing as Liberation is said to be average to bad, i’m a bit surprised they may do some DLC unless they meant she will appear in an AC3 DLC at some point.

    Tuffcub, did you wave your penis during a live stream thus Acti making it a banable offence? Also, no-one is going to pay attention to it and will find ways to bypass the ban.

    • No-one is going to pay attention to Tuffcub’s penis?

      • OI!

      • This just caused me to burst into laughter. Very loud laughter that has resulted in a sore throat. XD

  7. Anyone that bothers with this cube bollocks needs their head testing in my opinion. Complete suckers

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