Trailer Park: November 16th

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Map Pack
A new map pack for Snorefighter.

Twilight: The RPG
Sparkly vampires go 8-bit – or is that 8-bite? Aha!

Spartan Ops Episode 2 Trailer

Sleeping Dogs Chracter Pack DLC Trailers
DLC includes the Hitman suit and the Sarif Industries Augmented Armor.

Street Fighter X Final Fight Next Generation
Fan animation.
Incredipede Gameplay Trailer
Weird animal weirdness puzzle thing for PC.

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  1. I was watching Justice League Unlimited in the morning, it was shocking. People died. For a kids cartoon, it was so violent. Moar please.

    • Heck even Supergirl killed a few with a sword.

  2. Just a short comment to let you know I’m paying attention. I enjoy this section. Found a few things I never knew existed.

  3. Far Cry 3 just keeps looking better and better.. Are you guys doing a review on the game?

  4. I’m really greatfull (SP???) for Trailer Park! I’m always on TSA throughout the day on my work computer (shhh…. don’t tell anyone!) but most videos are usually blocked and I get in too late in the evening to think about loading them up, so it’s nice to get some highlights in on the weekend!

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