Bargain Weekend #3 – Max Payne 3, WRC 3 & Awesomenauts

It’s that time of week where we share a small selection of the best deals in gaming with you – our community. Max Payne 3 takes centre stage but there’s a whole range of titles across all platforms and spanning a variety of genres.

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Max Payne 3


Earlier this year we reviewed Rockstar’s Max Payne 3, scoring it an incredible 9/10 and saying it was “Polished to near perfection, with just a few minor sticking points that dent – ever so slightly – what is overall a wonderful slice of gaming.” Well, this wonderful slice of gaming can be yours for just £14.95 from Zavvi, or £14.99 from Play.


WRC3,  the official game of the World Rally Championships – packed with more than 50+ Official Race Teams, 35+ different cars, every track from the championships and a completely re-designed career mode can now be yours for less than £20 from GAME.

Dirt Showdown

Dirt Showdown has become a regular here at Bargain Weekend, and the deals on it show no sign of abating. This week you can get your slice of racing mayhem for £7.97 from Amazon.

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Awesomenauts – Steam

Gamers get the chance to download and play Awesomenauts for free this weekend and if you decide you want to keep playing it after it’s available for half-price at just £3.49 from Steam.

Tropico 4 – Steam

You, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account. This weekend you won’t be needing an off-shore account to grab Tropico 4 as Steam’s sale nets you it for just £6.24

Humble Bundle

Eleven great titles in a pay what you want deal with a customisable portion being split between the games’ developers and their chosen charity and can be grabbed directly from Humble Bundle.

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Humble Bundle – Android

Here it is again, – yes, it’s still pay what you want, but if you pay over the £4 average you get eleven great games for your Android phone or tablet from Humble Bundle.

Ridge Racer Accelerated – iOS

Rounding up this week’s selection of bargains is Ridge Racer Accelerated from Namco, reduced from £4.99 to £1.49 for a limited time from the App Store.

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Don’t forget, if you do see a great value deal whilst you’re out & about or browsing online that you think others may like, you can share it in our forums.



  1. I’m liking this feature and think I may well pick up the Max Payne 360 version from Play. If you guys gave it a 9 then it’s gotta be pretty good. However my pile of shame is growing and cheap deals like this really don’t help matters ;)

  2. I like how the vita version of wrc3 is now the most expensive and also excluded from the price drop (there’s only a couple weeks difference in release after all).

    I know its asking a lot, probably the impossible (you’ll know why), but if TSA could include Vita bargains that would be good.

    • Will try, thanks for the feedback.

      Offers aren’t quite as numerous…

      Although it’s a million times better than including iOS which is a total nightmare with no proper web interface, the worst search in the world and the abortion that is iTunes. Still, shiny.

  3. WRC3 is without doubt the best of the series yet and that’s a great price, but with so many games on the go at the moment I’ll wait until a more satisfactory lull, but do intend getting it one day!!
    I think that Showdown is now showing it’s true colours with it’s price as a slice of Dirt 3 add on DLC…..although a tenner would still be fair dinkum!

    • Great price for something so recent.

      GAME’s special offers are really on the ball this Christmas quarter.

    • Yeah, surprising how quickly the price has dropped. Maybe people never gave it a chance and just assumed it was version 3 of the same old……quite the contrary!

  4. like this feature cc Dirt will be mine.

  5. great feature for sure.
    can we add our own links or can we just pop them in the comments box?

    • You can post them in the Deals thread which is CC has linked to and is located in the forums. :)

  6. If you are going to get MP3, i shall warn you that the last few levels are brutal. And if you run out of ammo, you will die. Hell, it made Dark Souls seem like the first Mario game. :O Would reccomend not moving forward when there is a ton of enemies as you will die and you had better be accurate as missed shots can be dangerous.

  7. Thanks for the heads up about Max Payne 3. My mate and I have been waiting for it to drop in price so went into our local Blockbusters over the weekend to get copies. Turns out they were selling the game for £10 a copy :D

  8. I managed to get Max Payne 3 for a tenner from my local Blockbuster, which I thought was a bargain. Is it me, or does it feel really hard though? I dont know if Im doing something wrong or not, but I have died a LOT and Im only playing on normal difficulty. does anyone have any tips?

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