Doom Classic Complete Heading To PSN Store This Week

There’s a good chance that Doom Classic Complete will land in Europe tomorrow, with very little fanfare. It’s essentially a re-release of all the old school Doom games: Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom, the latter of which contained some new levels back when it released a couple of generations ago.

The information was first discovered on the US Blog, hidden away on this week’s Coming Soon list under ‘PSN’ and since then the Trophies have been leaked.


Quite why it’s been kept so quiet is presumably because Bethesda don’t want the re-issue to eat into sales of the currently available Doom 3 BFG Edition, which also contains loads of classic Doom games, albeit not the extra stuff that this ‘Complete’ pack will feature.

Eurogamer have said it’ll be out this week, although others have said similar.



  1. Am I guessing correctly this is probably just for PS3?

    • Doom was released on xboxlive years ago and Doom2 last year i think…not sure about final Doom though. Good classics and better than the wolfenstien classic.

  2. *whistles* Some real high-profile release this is! ;-)

  3. Does anyone know if this will be playable on vita yet?

  4. Highly doubt it, it’s all a rumour. Besides, it will have all the same flaws like in the BFG Edition such as awful sound effects and the censored Wolf 3D levels. Btw if Doom II is ”coming” tommorow and if the censorship still exists. No buy.

  5. Umm, its possible that they haven’t given this too much fanfare as purchasers of Doom 3 might be a little annoyed – Doom 3’s trophies include the other doom games too (if you want the plat of course) & yet now they release on the store with additional content (apparently) & their own trophy list/s.

    That would probably get on my tits a little if I bothered with Doom 3 tbh.

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