First Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

City Interactive have released the first gameplay trailer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. It will be using the CryEngine 3 engine, which has also been used to build the Crysis games.


Though the original received a 6/10 in our review, this does look quite good, at least graphically. Apart from that it will be interesting to see what else City Interactive has done to improve the gameplay.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 was originally intended to release in August of this year, but was pushed back to what was intended to be an October release. However, this date was also changed and now the title is set to release in January 2013.

Source: Youtube



  1. from what Ive seen and read, looks promising..
    taking the kill cams from v2 and game play from ghost warrior might just work?
    guessing price will drop rapidly so no doubt will pick it up when it hits the bargain bin

    • It’s on a direct course to the “two for £25” offers.

  2. I’m useless at sniping in games, I always miss with my first shot, the enemies are alerted and start taking cover, flanking me etc

    • Ah, you’re the idiot running across the tin rooftops with horseshoes on your feet – alerting everyone to your presence and giving them time to utterly decimate the good guys. At least we know who to blame now. ;-)

      • All depends on how he is used really – Sounds like the perfect decoy to attract the enemies attention, whilst our allies flank them on the ground!

  3. When he switches to thermal why is his gun all different colours is his gun really at different temperatures I could understand the barrel being hot but that would be after the shot was fired .all the bad guys have to do is get thermal and look for a multi coloured sniper rifle

  4. Still doing that silly waiving the gun around thing I see. You’d think the enemies would take those markers off the top of their head’s too, keeps getting them shot.

  5. City Interactive could easily improve the gameplay this time round, by actually including some.

  6. First one was horrible, mainly because it wasn’t a sniper game – it was easier to go all out rather than use stealth. This one looks prettier, I just hope the gameplay matches it.

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