Japanese Vita Sales Drop Again After Last Week’s Relative High

After last weeks’s sale spike due to the introduction of two new colours, the PlayStation Vita in Japan has sunk again in terms of raw numbers, according to Media Create.

It’s not as bad as it has been recently, a week of 9,700 or so isn’t nearly as bad as 4,000, but it’s down from 13,000 whilst the likes of the 3DS continue to sit at around 160,000 in the same period.


That’s 18 3DSs for every Vita.

Media Create’s top 20 doesn’t list a single Vita game in the software charts, whilst Famitsu’s has Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation at number 29, selling just 4,600 copies.



  1. I know this opinion has been shouted down countless times but the Vita really does need some more games.
    Sure, there are some great games to choose from (Uncharted, AC, WipEout, etc) but the handheld is yet to have “that” game, the one which all Vita owners must own, the one which is likely to keep you busy for months on end.
    Putting it simply, the Vita needs some decent RPGs… or a Pokemon equivelent.

    • Soul Sacrifice??

    • Just like with PSMove… Sony should have got their very top studios working on a project for it, for its launch period/first Christmas – Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony Santa Monica & Evolution/Liverpool & more should have all been involved in some way with potential new projects alongside their existing IPs being handled by mobile porting specialists like Bend Studios.

      It needed a greater range of JRPGs too

      PS Mobile is something that is capable of creating an iOS style buzz with new releases arriving on a constant basis, Futur Lab show the kind of thing that is possible across analogue & touchscreen controls – This should have been there from launch with a stream of games arriving on a weekly ongoing basis.

      • There were some big IPs for Vita’s launch:


      • Although there wasn’t that many for me, I’d say the Vita had the strongest launch seen in a handheld, or even a console, for a while.

        It does need though, new IPs as you said, and a greater range of JPRGs. While I don’t ‘like’ JRPGs, I collect the Atlus ones, and would like the opportunity to stare at them on my shelf, while hissing when they catch the sun. :P

        Silly aside, the Vita needs something. It has decent games, PsPlus and a reasonably decent amount of download games too, including PSP and PS1. It just doesn’t have that one catch, that will make it blossom in the Japanese market. Maybe it will be Monster Hunter, who knows.

    • But this is one of the things that puzzle me, the Vita has a better library than the 3DS. The Ninty only has a couple Mario games (and NSMB2 is sub par) and a Zelda remake. There’s no new proper Pokemon game or any other new games of first party IPs except Kart and Paper Mario.

      • “Vita has a better library than the 3DS”

        Obviously this is down to opinion but I think the 3DS’ library is better and features more exclusives. Mario3DLand, Mariokart7, RE Revelations (the best RE in years), RE Mercs, Ocarina of Time, Starfox, Rhythm Thief, Kingdom Hearts, Heroes of Ruin, not to mention great downloadable games like Pushmo and Mighty Switch Force.
        From what I’ve seen the 3DS is better for handheld games, whereas the Vita is better at playing full sized PS3 games on a smaller screen.

  2. May be as PS+ gathers pace more people will pick up a Vita. Including 1 months PS+ and a memory card would really help.

  3. So many people are unaware of the Vita, based on the reactions from those that see mine.

    “Is that a PSP?” is a common one. Someone even asked me if it was an iPad (okay, so they were clueless but obviously have the iPad name ingrained).

    Someone else saw my Vita and said it was too expensive compared with the DS, although he wasn’t aware of the differences between the handhelds.

    Sony need to raise awareness, get the damn games flowing and differentiate themselves from the competition.

    • I was asked if it was a tablet too, not ipad specific, but still.

  4. How many 3rd party developers will create games for it if sales are so poor? A vicious circle begins.

  5. We’re getting close to the point where Sony has to release a cheaper model. One with a lesser lcd screen and other inferior features. But they have to sell all Vitas with a 4GB or 8GB card for free.

  6. My theory, blame smartphones and Black Ops Declassified. Besides the Vita is a great console and it’s already failing due to overpriced memory cards and content With decent games like P4: Golden (already out in US), Sly Cooper and even Killzone next year. I’m sure it should get some good games. Let’s not to mention Europe haven’t got the white Vita yet?

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