Humble THQ Bundle, Seven Games for £3.25

There are bargains and then there is the the new THQ Humble Bundle which gives you seven full priced games and five soundtracks for $5.25 (around £3.25).  You can decide exactly how much you want to pay for the games, and if you can pay more we suggest you do so the charities benefit.

The games are Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon and Company Of Heroes plus the two stand alone sequels, Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales Of Valour. Pay over the average price for those and you get Saints Row: The Third added to your bundle.


The time limited offer expires in 13 days and seems to be incredibly popular. When I left the office an hour ago 3,000 bundles had been sold, now over 54,000 people have taken up the offer, raising over $280,000*. When you pay you can decide how the money is split between THQ, Humble Bundle and the two supported charities, which are the American Red Cross and Child’s Play.

You will need a decent spec PC to get the best of Saints Row, so click here to check if your PC is up to the job. Of course you’ll also need a Steam account to redeem the codes. If you fit the bill, then you can check out the offer over here. What are you waiting for?

*- In the time it has taken me to type this up another 11,000 bundles have been sold raising an extra $65,000.  



  1. Done and done. Thanks, guys (and Nemesis3DWonderKid) for the tip.

  2. At first I was … woav that is a bargain and bought it asap (money went to THQ) . But then it hit me, that I really hope THQ does this to advertise for it current and upcoming game lineup, eg. Darksiders II, which is very overlooked and not because they are going broke, though I doubt it. But they did loose lots on that uDraw blunder.

    • On a more sour note. Linux games are whining that there aren’t any Linux support…..

      Really Linux gamers, really? So because THQ hasn’t made Linux versions of their games, because it’s currently wouldn’t make any financial sense, then Humble Bundle are not allowed to partner up with THQ and make this great deal? Go **** a penguin, pathetic people.

      • The sour note is an actual publisher using a recognised channel for indie developers. However, perhaps because they’re on the verge of folding, THQ can get away with it… on the plus side more people may become aware of Humble so when Humble Bundle 7 launches shortly it could have a wider audience.

        Linux (& Android) gamers are big backers of Humble – often paying double the average price that Windows users do, with Mac nestling somewhere in the middle, so their irk maybe because they’re attached to Humble in a way that all these freeloaders practically stealing THQ’s games by paying pennies for AAA games aren’t.

        Obviously the titles not being available on Linux makes their point completely moot.

      • I could have understood the criticism if this happened in a main humble bundle, eg. the upcoming HIB 7, but in a extra non indie developer bundle. Somebody is just bitter :)

      • i don’t have a problem with major developers using it, they’ve raised nearly $1,000,000 dollers before the end of the first day.

  3. A sweet deal for those who have yet to play Metro 2033. I enjoyed & hated it at the same time for various reasons, but overall quite good. As for the others, I have only played Company of Heroes. Best get coughing up some dough and add to my list of games yet to be touched…

  4. Interestingly, apparently THQ’s stock price has gone up nearly 40% today.

    Guess whoever came up with this idea is getting a bonus.

    • That’s great! I’ve been worried as they’ve struggled lately.

      • Sounds good, although it’s worth noting that 40% of nearly nothing is still nearly nothing…

        Plus, I read this on Reddit, it may not be 100% true.

  5. Not really games I want to play on my PC, so I’ll pass. Already got Darksiders and Metro anyway. It’s still a fantastic deal though.

  6. Awesome, what a bargain, although now I’ve got even more games sitting in my Steam library that I need to complete!

    • Exactly. I doublt I’ll even download half of those games (already have Metro 2033 in my library and Red Faction and Saint’s Row on PS3) but it’s for charity so who can blame me? :P

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