Friday Fun Anagram Quiz #1

Our fun Friday quiz league continues with this cheeky little anagram puzzle. Lewis has mixed up the letters of ten famous videogames to make new phrases. Put the answers in the boxes and add your TSA ID to join in with the league. Once the results for this one are in, we’ll post the top of the leader board so far.

Update: Six people scored a maximum ten out of ten this week, with wonkey-wily, TheBerzerka, Takyu, Moshbag, FalconRedux and Celt20 all showing themselves to be anagrammatical geniuses. Things are incredibly tight in our ongoing leaderboard. The top ten is below and any one of those guys has a great chance of winning the overall league. It’s also interesting to note that the next ten, between 11th and 20th, are only separated by two points.

  1. FalconRedux
  2. BrendanCalls
  3. Theberzerka
  4. Takyu
  5. Moshbag
  6. wonkey-willy
  7. nocure-fd
  8. DJ Judas
  9. celt20
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  1. I’m crap at anagrams :-(

  2. aww crap, why do i suck so much at these things?

    the only one i’ve managed to figure out so far also happens to be the shortest.

    i got six on the picture quiz last week, i think.

    i have to ask though, did Lewis have something on his mind when he came up with these?
    “handcrafted trouser nuke” and “a mammary tubal shank”. o_O

    i’ll have another try later.

    • I’ve been at it half an hour and I got two! Thats me done, my brain doesn’t do well eith anagrams either, especially when I’m sat there giggling at trouser nuke haha.

  3. Think I got them all, there are some real head scratchers though.

  4. Will never get any of these, anagrams are really difficult for me.

  5. Unless it’s a massive coincidence two games have very similar letters in their titles, I believe there is a mistake with the 5th anagram. I think there should be one less ‘E’ and one more ‘D’

    • I thought the same, I just went with the obvious answer and assumed a typo.

      • That’s cool, at least it can give some other people a heads up then. Think I’ve got them all now too, just hope I’ve spelt them all right!

    • Yup. With you on that one. Got a spare ‘e’ and need a ‘d’…. :(

  6. I somehow seem to really, really suck at these.

  7. Crikey they’re difficult :/

  8. i can’t for the life of me think of a single game title that has five Ps in it.

    • It’s a PS1 game with the main character making a cameo appearance recently!
      Nuff clues :P

      • freeze you practically gave it away!

      • Yeah, I probably should have stopped at PS1 but hey-ho it’s the season of goodwill haha

      • ah, i know it now.


        Jumping Flash only has one p.

  9. Only got the first one… Since the competitions will not be rated individually, I’m not going to bother with the others and just give up (I haven’t taken part in any of the previous competitions).

    • Got the second one… Damnit now I want to solve them all…

  10. Quietly confidant. The second one is the only bloody word I could think of and i didn’t know if it was a game or not. Love my mum right now for being anagrams mad.

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