Community Chronicle: 2/12/12

My cold toes almost make me wish I was on Rook Island from Far Cry 3. Then again, I’m not a big fan of heat, and all those tigers and pirates constantly attacking me would hardly make it the most relaxing of places!

I think I’ll just stick to the games instead…

Something a little bit different this week, as we turn to Kris to see what he’s rocking in the games department. In particular, that new Nintendo machine. The Wii U. He has one!

Here are some lovely pictures of my Wii U. The first two are from Thursday night when I unboxed it, before I’d plugged it all in. Both the GamePad and the actual Wii U look pretty sexy to my eyes.

The next two show the gaming set up I have in my room. With the arrival of the Wii U the 360 had to be moved to the corner so I could fit my stereo and speakers as well, but it actually looks much better there. Then of course we’ve got the monkey hat (everyone has a monkey hat right?) and the Wii U with GamePad all plugged in.

The tinsel is actually hiding my aerial. It’s not a christmas thing, it’s been wrapped in the same two strands of tinsel for 6 years now, a memento from my first year of university. It doesn’t work very well as an aerial though.

Finally there’s the small TV I use in my room, a lovely loan from our very own Kev. There’s a much bigger TV in the front room, courtesy of one of my flatmates, but this one does well for my room.

Anyone else out there have this new bit of kit? Are you enjoying it? Struggling to reorganise all your stuff around the new hardware?

Also, is it just me, or does Kris’ TV just look like a slightly bigger Wii U Gamepad? Wii U XL?

For the third time in the last few weeks we have a new person getting their name onto the leaderboards, and doing so with a huge splash. Germ1984 puts himself in the running with a whopping 108 platinum trophies to his name! He claims he’s largely given up his trophy hunting ways, but he’s also raiding the Fastest Platinums board going deep into the back catalogue.

He claims two of the LEGO games (which no doubt has R1MJAW crying little blocky tears), a trio of F1 Platinums, and many of the Prince of Persias!

We also have Still_ill_Son making a first appearance with PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale’s fastest, R1MJAW nabs the latest LEGO Lord of The Rings fastest (making amends), and Samiro05 sneaks the Zone of Enders HD fastest Platinum.

It’s not only about the fastest though, and we have Taylor Made looking back a few years to finish off God of War 1 HD’s Platinum. Apparently those challenges were a little bit tricky. Parryman is a new entry on the leaderboards on page 2, but has added to his card this week too, with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Platinum.

Crazy_Del is all about extending his lead with the Dishonored Platinum, mimicking B_Cambo who also picked it up this week. There’s a nice bit of a helping hand from Del for B_Cambo too, helping him with some of the online trophies for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Youles has been plugging away at Assassin’s Creed 3 online, and has finally hit level 20 to get there. Now it’s just the single player to finish, but he stayed online with the gang of TSA players that headed out at last Monday’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. What’s that? Unbeaten? Keep it going guys.

Finally, McProley asked me to point you the way of his LittleBigPlanet Vita level. It’s all about the beats here, with a snazzy music track the centrepiece. You could queue it up via, even. I love that feature.

That’s almost all you get this week. You can head over to page two for the trophy leaderboards, but to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Please don’t be shy about it!

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  1. Love that AG2297 (our illustrious community leader) is listed just so he feels good about himself and doesn’t beat us shitless* this week.

    *iPhone wanted to correct to “shirtless” which felt worryingly possible.

    • You could say that he’s bringing up the rear? ;)

  2. Totally agree Kris, that Wii-U is a gorgeous looking bit o’ kit, although I’ve always found Ninty hardware oozes quality in the looks dept.apart from the original Wii which to me looks like a box of Cornflakes……nay, the wrapping inside the box!
    Grats on all of your plats guys, some seriously fast fingered action going on there ;)

  3. The Wii U looks very nice! How does the controller feel? I’ve read a few articles saying its not the most high quality of controllers. Nice advent calendar too, my girlfriend bought me a Barbie one, she things she’s so funny :P

  4. I’m really enjoying my Wii U! It’s been a long time since a games console made me grin like an idiot at every opportunity but it manages it on an a regular basis. New Super Mario Bros U is a fantastic Mario game, and has enough extra features to keep it fresh.

    The build quality of the gamepad is great, with the analogue sticks being very sturdy and responsive, and all the digital buttons performing admirably. Whilst the screen on the gamepad looks lovely when you’re away from your television, it’s sometimes a little odd if its mirroring the onscreen play to have a 480p image in your hand and a 1080p one in front of you. However, when they’re doing seperate things you don’t notice this. Beyond that, Miiverse is a cool social hub sitting at the front end of your console, the eShop works well, and is easily a match for XBL and PSN with the advantage of touchscreen selection, and I’ve had no issues beyond the 50 minute initial update. All in all it’s a very solid start for Nintendo, and I really hope they can capitalise on the opportunity to forge their own niche in the market again.

    • Does set-up require a TV, or can you start with the control from the get go?

      Presumably it has Wi-Fi right?

      • I think (and this is trying to remember through the heady excitement of setting up a new console) that all of the setup control was performed by the console and that you could perform it totally without the television. It is solely Wi-Fi enabled (no ethernet connection).

  5. Looks awful to me. The product design of the main body is naff and cheap looking and the controller has so much functionality to house that it could never be anything but average.

    Also, watched TSA’s Dan playing on the Wii U in a YouTube clip. Fascinating to see duel screen gaming in action. From my perspective, almost utterly redundant. HUD on the main screen as you’d pretty much need that. Then down to the little screen which always appeared genuinely distracting then back to the main screen. All along, the immersion being broken with you looking up and down every few moments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the same when we pause a game and go to the menu or inventory but an extra screen (which isn’t actually next to the main screen and of similar size) does nothing. For any single player games it’s this simple.

    Two eyes, two visual cortex (operating together) and one effing brain!

    Sorry, just needed a minor rant. Anyway, if Nintendo bring out wonderful games that’s lovely irrespective of number of screens.

    • Couldn’t disagree more.

      Really like that Gearbox said they haven’t bought Borderlands 2 to the Wii U because they couldn’t think of the killer app for the 2nd screen, unlike Alien: Colonial Marines – where they obviously could.

      I think (but don’t know) that FIFA13 allows you to change your tactics and formation on the fly, rather than pausing the game and going through various menus & sub-menus then going back to the game.

      And this isn’t mentioning the unique experiences of local multiplayer, or the media uses of the gamepad, TVii and other services like netflix which I know people’s experiences are positive.

      Once developers get to grips with it the gaming possibilities are again enourmous. Nintendo really know how to break new ground and change gaming in ways that more pixels, better shadows and slightly smarter AI can’t.

      • Ah, I was talking about single player experiences, as mentioned. However, I wager that it’s easier to overlay a lens effect on the main screen and have real-time tactical changes (to a game like FIFA13) where you can still see the action, partially through the lens, than move your eyes to another screen. Actually, the smart move (for speed and efficiency) would be to do PiP (Picture in Picture) thus nullifying a lightbox/lens effect or flitting your peepers down to a controller.

        When it comes to things like this, think of cars and how they’re designed. We want everything as close to the windscreen line as possible (unless it’s completely periphery to the drive). We’re seeing manufacturers toying with HUDs for windscreens so our eyes are on the road (or at least pointing in the right direction) as much as possible and not down on the dashboard searching for buttons, etc. I don’t doubt we’ll see plenty of lovely uses for multiplayer and things outside of gaming but that second screen is a bit of a gimmick for what I’ve mentioned – in my opinion.

      • You can always raise the controller up so you can keep your peripheral vision on the action. Similar to how you have the second screen on the NDS/3DS. It’s not a heavy bit of kit.

        It really does depend on the game, though. CC’s point with FIFA is a good one, because there are always pauses and breaks in play during which you can drop your eyes and switch things about. When you have things bolted on to a game unnaturally and unnecessarily, then the experience is always going to be subpar, but if a game is designed with the second screen in mind then it can offer new bits of interaction quite happily.

      • Yeah, cos that’s what we all want to do. Hold our arms out in front of us for a majority of the time. :-P

        Oooo, Nintendo Arm Supports™. Done! :-)

      • Gangnam style :P

  6. Thanks for the plug tef! The WiiU does look smart but I’m just struggling to have any interest in it whatsoever. dunno why.

    Nice to see I’ve climbed a place on the leaderboard but don’t understand as I cant remember updating my card. Mind you, I could just be going a little bit senile in my old age

  7. Never really appreciated the size differences between the Wii U and the Game Pad. The controller still looks weird to me, it looks as if it’s too big for my hands but I like the look of the console.

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