New “The Last Of Us” Teaser Trailer

The Last Of Us, the game that we hope will help with generation fatigue, is looking like being the PS3’s swansong, closing off the console as the next generation looms.

Ahead of all that though, is this teaser trailer, which doesn’t show off much apart from a date signalling there’s much more to come on the 10th of December.


There’s still that hint of a brooding, dangerous atmosphere, of course, but there’s actually only about five seconds or so of footage, so it’s hard to get too much out of it other than – if that’s Joel there’s a good chance that he’s hardly going to be angelic throughout the whole game…

The full trailer will be released next Monday – that’s the around about the date of the VGAs although that doesn’t necessarily imply any kind of connection or presence.



  1. We already know there’s some kind of TLOU reveal at the VGAs.

    • Yeah, it was the first game announced to be there.

  2. Isn’t the VGAs on Friday December 7th?

  3. I’m not watching as I’d rather see the full trailer with no prevoius knowledge.

    • There’s not much on the video above, the screen shot is pretty much it.

    • Or even better to have the full game with no prevoius knowledge :P. But I don’t know if I can hold off :(

  4. No need to watch it, I trust Naughty Dog to make a great game.

  5. Looks pretty dark.

    And as ever, I can’t wait for this game.

  6. Generation fatigue? Swansong? I’ll be surprised if it’s not just Uncharted in different clothes. Joy. I’m sure it’ll be a decent yarn but there’s a lot of games out there that deserve as much attention as this. What Naughty Dog did next was always going to be a big deal but you might be overstating its importance. In my opinion.

    • I don’t think so at all. It will be designed by the same people, but it doesn’t mean being the same. Yes it will have their lovely design on it and I would be shocked if it wasn’t going to be a “big deal” of a game to be honest.

      • 3rd person, story driven, cover-based, action shooter?

        Looks a lot more tactical than Uncharted though even if it is a similar sort of thing, which is great because by the 8,417th wave of enemies Uncharted started to grind a little, even though it was as great as it was.

  7. Urgh. Teasers of trailers.

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