Ni No Kuni Demo Releasing This Week On US PSN

If you’ve been following TheSixthAxis for a while then you’ll know that we’re quite looking forward to Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, which is going to release on January 25th 2013 in Europe.

Now the US PlayStation Blog has revealed that a demo is going to release this week on the US PSN store.  A date for the European demo has yet to be revealed by either Sony or Namco Bandai, but with the release date just 6 weeks away hopefully it will be soon.


Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch originally released in Japan back in November 2011, though sales were not as high as expected, where it sold only 40% of retail stock in its first week of sales. Level 5’s CEO Akihiro Hino told Famitsu earlier this year that a sequel would only be possible if overseas sales were successful.

A worldwide release was pushed back to localise the game for international markets.

Update: It’s coming to the EU PSN too, this Wednesday.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Brilliant, I haven’t bothered with the US store for ages, but I can’t wait to try the demo! This will be my first purchase of 2013 – it looked stunning at EuroGamer Expo.

    • See, i was the exact opposite – I was expecting something lovely & just went away a bit underwhelmed tbh.

      Different tastes eh?

      • No, you’re just wrong. ;)

        Only kidding, to be fair the combat/fighting didn’t seem amazing, but I just thought it looked gorgeous, I’m only gonna play this on my 40″ TV, nothing else. I’m still searching for an RPG to rival FFVII, all the FF since have but had the same impact on me.

      • Well, that explains part of it at least – I bloody hate FF! ;)

    • I go on the US store more then the EU one.

      They seem to get a few more demos than us & of course they’re available sooner, I usually fire it up as I’m going bed on a tuesday night, set everything I want to download & my PS3 to auto-shutdown and then everything is there on Wednesday when I need it without waiting for the store to update & for everything to download.

      My bandwidth is unmetred over-night too, which was originally my principle reason for getting int he habbit, but I’ve found it more convinient anyway.

      wow, that was boring.

      • Haha, no that actually all seems pretty reasonable – I have a bit of OCD and like all my demos to be on my main accounts’ download list, otherwise I’d probably use the US store too!

        Also, some demo save files give you advantages or extra goodies in-game (FFXIII-2, Ubisoft U-Play points), but I’m not sure if that would transfer if it was on my US PSN account.

  2. Demo is this week in SCEE-land too.

    • WOHOO! This just made my week!

  3. Any word on pricing, yet? If I recall correctly this game released with a very high RRP in Japan. If they slap a 90€+ Price tag on this game they’ll probably end up with the same amount of stock collecting dust in some forgotten factory.

    • £39.99 in the UK. I ordered the White Wizard edition for £67.95 on :D

  4. Looks awesome, can’t wait to try the demo :)

  5. Update: It’s coming to the EU PSN too, this Wednesday.


  6. I hope this weeks update isn’t marred by issues like every other week….

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