WeView Verdict: PixelJunk Eden

It would seem we’ve hit another vein of popularity in PixelJunk Eden, with a good number of you turning out to share your thoughts on the game. This doesn’t seem all that surprising given the general love for the PixelJunk series, although we did find a few people who couldn’t quite get to grips with this particular entry into Q-Games’ baby.

[drop]Amongst those was cc_star, who said that whilst he “Love[s] Q-Games’ PixelJunk stuff,” he just “couldn’t get on with Eden”. bunimomike shared a similar opinion, who called himself “someone who’s truly loved what PixelJunk is doing”. However, just like cc_star he found that he simply “didn’t get on with Eden at all and haven’t returned since my first foray into it.”

Tuffcub went even further, saying that he’s never “been impressed by any of the Pixeljunk games,” and called them “Terribly flimsy versions of already well worn genres.” His view did seem fairly lonely amongst those who commented on this week’s WeView but it still felt worth touching upon.

Those opinions aside, the general consensus on the game was certainly one of positivity. For example Moshbag “thought it was superb,” praising everything “from the graphical design to the music” and calling it “enormous fun.” They were a big fan of the game when played cooperatively, enjoying the way that you were occasionally forced to take a leap of faith to save one of your partners from dropping to their death, and saying that “the later wacky levels with the gravity changes and the gale force wind just added to the co-op chaos.”

Andrewww was a fan as well, praising the amount of “variation in the different levels”. However, their love for the game came with a disclaimer, as they pointed out that “further on into the game it gets really painfully frustrating” and despairing at the way you can “easily play for an hour and then lose it all with one single jump not performed well.”

Interestingly, jimmy-google came up with a suggestion to improve the game, saying it “would be a perfect Vita game” due to its pick up and play nature. They realised that they “very rarely played it on my ps3 as I’ve found it easier to put the time in on a big story driven game,” noting that games with that kind of short burst nature can often do much better on portables or mobile phones.

For our final opinion of the day it’s time to hear from ron_mcphatty, who gives a nice overview of the game and, like jimmy-google, has a suggestion for improving your enjoyment of the title:

I really like Eden, it’s tricky and needs a bit of skill, intelligence and patience and I think it suits being dipped into ocasionally rather than stuck at for days, so if that’s what you’re after then I’d say buy it. It’s also probably the slickest PSP remote play game going, who needs a Wii U eh?

Now we move onto your verdicts. Avoid It sits at the bottom of the pile, having picked up a single vote. Slightly higher up the order is Plus It, with five of you selecting that as your opinion of the game. However, the comfortable winner is Buy It, which picked up ten votes.

As for this week’s poll, you can see that MotorStorm: RC had dropped off the list, as that’s what we’ll be visiting in tomorrow’s WeView. However, as Skyward Sword and Asura’s Wrath both tied for last place, they both get to live another day and stay in the poll. Taking the one free spot this week is one for all of you baseball fans out there, MLB 12: The Show. As usual, the poll closes on Sunday evening, so you’ve got plenty of time to vote.


  1. A great game, I enjoy it from time to time. I do agree with those that say it can be infuriating. More old school in that way, one mistake and that’s yer lot, still a very nice game.

  2. Never played any of the Pixeljunk games…

    • Well that is something you clearly must correct. They are all great games and are all pretty different so there has got to be something you’d like.

  3. I remember the early days of PS3 when my only choice of game was Ridge Racer or this, Eden. I found it incredibly difficult and never completed it. Maybe I’ll redownload it and have another go…I remember hearing that a patch enabled button control instead of only sixaxis motion control

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