Street Fighter x Megaman Is Real – And Is Free

Capcom have on a number of occasions said there would be no new Megaman game to celebrate the pixelated hero’s 25th birthday, but it appears they were telling porky pies.


Just ahead of the SF25th Global Tournament Series Grand Finals being streamed on their channel, Capcom has revealed an unexpected cross-over in Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Mashing him up with the other 25th birthday boy, Street Fighter, the company are to give fans an early Christmas present – a new game featuring all the characters from the classic beat ’em up in dinky pixel form.

Starting life a couple of years ago as a fan game, it’s now been given the Capcom seal of approval and will be available to download completely free of charge on PC from on December 17th, just in time for Christmas.



  1. I hope there is an easy option because Megaman games are super hard.

  2. When I saw this on the stream it just made me instantly smile. There’s something very heartwarming and appropriate about this game. It’s also awesome that a Street Fighter player basically saved Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. I like the idea of a fan stepping up to the plate when Capcom wasn’t able to. Shows lots of love and appreciation. Hopefully that sort of passion ignites the developers at Capcom to do something great.

  3. Haha! bonkers but awesome

  4. sweet, looks bloody hard like all the Megaman games, but it’s at my favourite price, free, so i’ll probably give it a download. ^_^

  5. That looks great! I must have it!

  6. Want!

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