Community Chronicle: 9/12/12

I’m fairly certain I had some witty bit of chit chat for this intro just 5 minutes ago, but now it’s gone right out of my head. Oh well, if it comes back to me, then you’ll never see or read this paragraph, but such is life!

Before we head over to see someone’s gaming collection, a quick shout out for McProley, who’s far too festive for his own good. It’s either that, or he’s making amends on behalf of grumpy so-and-so’s. Over in the General Chat forum he’s giving a few prizes away to Christmas Wishers in his thread.

So, pop in to say Merry Christmas, and maybe your Christmas will be a teensy bit more merry for your troubles.

This week’s set up comes from Elpablo79 (AKA KatesDog). I’ll hand over to him for the words about what you get to see in the photos:

Having just bought myself a new Sony smart TV (KDL46HX853), I thought I’d finally make a contribution to this section. I’ve had a bit of a merry-go-round with my equipment due to the new TV. The first picture is my Sony 40″ with one PS3 which I keep in my bedroom. That one tends to see an even mix between games and Netflix. This TV was my usual one before being relegated up there.

The next pictures are of my current gaming pile which is still being worked through, the new TV and then a close up of the various consoles, including my other PS3 that I have. I still have to tidy various cables and set up my surround sound again. Laziness and a focus on games that need completing have been a priority. Like many on here, there are plenty of downloaded games too. Far too many to list.

Of particular pride, other than my Vita and new TV, is the fight stick I have. Been wanting one for years, so I’m chuffed to finally have one. And for those wondering why I have two PS3s. I don’t live a life of excess, it’s just I once had one PS3 and it broke, never to be played on again. Needless to say I was a touch upset and bored, but thanks to special offers, I managed to get hold of two so I’m a little more covered now!

You’ll rue the day you didn’t tidy those cables up when you trip and get a batch of freshly cooked spaghetti all mixed in there! Mark my words!

I’m sure everyone with trophies on the Fastest Platinum list has been wringing their hands for the last week, nervously hoping that no more plucky upstarts come along and steal whole droves of records from them! Luckily my five seem to have held true throughout, though I have no hope of adding to this number any time soon. I’m just not quick enough!

I’ll tell you who is quick though, and that’s zb100, getting out that vital “expelliarmus!” first to claim the Book of Spells honours. Similarly, Crazy_Del ploughed through Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PS Vita to nab that one. Blackredyellow took a surprise fastest for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, considering it’s been out for a year, but he seems to have miraculously dodged a whole host of trophy glitches to do so!

Samiro05 continued straight on from his record for the first entry last week, and took Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition for himself. Though he had issues getting there. “ZOE 2 is driving me round the bend,” he said. “You would think it’s harder to get an S rank than an A rank but for some reason I just can’t do bad enough to get an A! I just need this as the rank trophies don’t stack.”

Elsewhere, Del struck again with the Assassin’s Creed 3 Platinum, whilst Youles finished off the wonderful The Walking Dead for another Platinum to his name. Jimmy-google took it home for Lego LoTR on Vita (possible a fastest, too), and Element666 beat up the last goon for the Sleeping Dogs Platinum.

McProley, of “hosting a lovely give away on the forums” fame, is well on his way to the Platinum for LBP Vita, just needing a few more plays of his level to get the last handful of trophies, whilst Hazelam has been revisiting Arkham City, slinking her way through to the end of the campaign, and engaging in extra-curricular baddie beat-downs in the side missions.

Darth Newdar loved Joe Danger 2: The Movie, getting 100% of the trophies there, but has just a single complaint. He says, “My only criticism would be that the final trophy requires you to play levels from the original Joe Danger, which have been included as a ‘bonus’. So this means that you have to play the final level AGAIN – a fiendish nightmare that requires you to be absolutely perfect for the whole two minutes of gameplay. Even though I’d played it before, it still took me hundreds of attempts to do it… but a very satisfying *ding* when I got it at last!”

Oh, and MadJunkBoy reached a landmark 2000th trophy last week. Nice one!

That’s almost all you get this week. You can head over to page two for the fastest platinum leaderboards, but to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Please don’t be shy about it!

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  1. Pleasantly surprised my 5 fastest plats still stand there have been a lot of new entries since the leaderboard went front page.

  2. Ok what I don’t get is, can the fast platinum be beaten?

    Glad to be in the table yay still_ill_Son dunno why it’s not Taylor I changed it

    • Not if you’re starting now, no. For reasons of simplicity it’s about the absolute date.
      However, when new people come along and check their lists, they’ve been finding that they’ve been faster on quite a few.

      • Oh I see its based on the date you got the plat. So ok then if I look through my platinums can I dethrown a person if I realise I have the fastest plat?

      • Yep! :)

  3. Very generous of McProley to give away a nice wee competition to all TSA and one great deed too!
    Also going to boot up LBP Vita today to help McProley out and to see my status.
    Man I cannot believe I hold 36 Fastest Plat thought it was less due to newcomers stealing them xD
    And R1MJAW thought he’d be ahead of me by now ^^

    • I would be closer but I’ve had a few of mine stolen off me too.

  4. Just missed the entry deadline with my Sonic racing transformed fastest platinum, great game and great challenge, ah well next it is week then…..unless :P
    Great collection of stuff in the Rig, those wires are a nightmare for anyone, an almost impossible task trying to make everything look cordless with the amount of peripherals that we have connected these days!

  5. Is that a samurai sword I can see above your PS3 games collection?!

    • he is a secret ninja of the super ninja order!! ;)

      • Yeah guys, that’s one of three I have. Sadly my secret is now out there, I have no choice but to fall on my sword. Well, swords. This isn’t good….

      • There are no such thing as ninjas and one has not broken into my house and is currently pointing his katana at his back. Nor am i responsible for wiping the order out. *breaks into nervous sweat*

  6. yay 2000 trophies me are happy!

  7. you have a katana? awesome :)

    • Yep, not that I dare actually use them

  8. Im gonna climb back up this table during Christmas ! lol

  9. Cheers for the shout – somewhat shocked myself as I don’t normally dive after the plats!

    Picked up the Wonderbook for playing with my nephew – I’m babysitting him tomorrow (tonight now, I guess) as his ma is getting married the morning after & it’ll give her a chance to relax beforehand. It’s a fairly clever piece of kit but a little out of his age group at present, he’s only 2! Doh. Still every cloud…

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