TSA’s Top 100 of 2013: 50-46 – Tearaway, StarCraft & Bayonetta

So after a rather rapid succession over the last five days we’ve broken into the top fifty of our list. Things are going to slow down a bit now, switching to a single article a day covering five games until we reach the top ten next week and move onto one article per game.

However, for today we’ve got five more upcoming games to get excited about. RTS StarCraft makes an appearence, as does Epic’s Fortnite and Media Molecule’s next game. So, lets get to it.

50. Tearaway


50. Tearaway

Fans of LittleBigPlanet are likely waiting eagerly for Tearaway, the next game from Guildford based Media Molecule. There’ll be no Sackboy here though, with the game instead focusing on a messenger called Iota.

The game looks pretty unique, which is at least partly due to the fact that its graphical styling is based on papercraft. If you’re not familiar with papercraft, it’s a hobby that involves creating models from folded paper and card. There are some fun models out there to make, although I advise against trying to construct them whilst drunk – something I learned from personal experience.

The world of Tearaway is populated by a wide variety of papercraft models, with the world itself also seemingly made from paper. However, paper’s a fragile thing and that’s where the player comes in.

The game’s a Vita exclusive, and Media Molecule have really gone all out on including the device’s various inputs. You can help Iota by poking through the world with the back touchpad, terrifying enemies and making Iota’s job a bit easier. The announcement video also showed blowing into the microphone to generate wind or using the Vita’s camera to create a new skin for an Elk. I know that sounds weird, but it’s really in the video.

If you’re a Vita owner and simply must have Media Molecule’s latest creation you’ll have to be observant, as the only release date we have for the game right now is sometime in 2013.

49. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

49. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Heart of the Swarm is part two of the StarCraft II trilogy, this time focussing on the Zerg. The first part, Wings of Liberty, arrived in 2010, and was particularly well received, sitting at 93 on Metacrticic. As for the final part of the tri-race trilogy, Legacy of the Void which will be focussed on the Protoss, we have no idea when that will arrive, although with a little under three years between Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, fans may well be waiting a while.

Not only will the game continue the story of Wings of Liberty, it will add new units to the game’s multiplayer. However, to balance things out Blizzard will be removing three units and also tweak general units and buildings.

It should be made clear that the game is an extension that will require you to own Wings of Liberty, rather than a stand alone game. Blizzard have indicated that you may be able to get both games at a discount if you missed out on the first though, but they haven’t made any specific offers clear yet.

If you can’t wait to sink your teeth into some fresh RTS action then you’ll need to wait until March 12th.

48. Fortnite

48. Fortnite

Since Fortnite’s announcement at last year’s VGAs it hasn’t been making a lot of noise, although they did drop a good amount of knowledge at this year’s PAX Prime. If you’ve missed out on the game entirely, it’s a co-op survival game with sandbox elements. It’s often described as a cross between Minecraft and DayZ, although the game’s cartoon aesthetics wouldn’t lead you to believe that initially.

Interestingly the game’s art style hides a mildly surprising secret, it’s going to be the first game to be based on Unreal Engine 4. It may not be the best game to show off graphical improvements to the engine, although its building and crafting elements should provide a platform to show off the physics.

Shifting back from the engine to the game, the focus is on building a shelter to survive a monster led apocalypse. It doesn’t seem to be focussing specifically on your traditional zombie, although they will make an appearance, with a wider range of enemies cropping up.

As for the building elements, whilst your buildings will likely start out small, as you progress you can start building larger and more ridiculous structures. You also have the ability to improve your arsenal via crafting, something that does seem particularly reminiscent of games like Minecraft. The crafting systems in Fortnite don’t look like they’ll be quite as deep, but there still should be enough to keep you occupied.

If you want to get your hands on the game, it’ll be launching as PC beta sometime in the new year.

47. Dragon Age III: Inquisition

47. Dragon Age III: Inquisition

BioWare really seem to be putting out Dragon Age titles at an impressive rate, with this being the third game since the series launched in 2009 (fourth if you count 2010’s Awakening expansion to Origins). As you’d expect Inquisition will stick to Thedas, the same world as the first two Dragon Age games. However, BioWare certainly aren’t simply recycling old content, with the game looking like it will feature significantly larger maps.

Coming off the back of the Dragon Age novel Asunder, it looks like the game could be set in a fairly turbulent time. Rumours suggest the game may well take place in the Orlesian Empire, where civil war was breaking out at the end of Asunder. Several nobles have taken up arms against the Empress, whilst at the same time the Order of Magi look to have broken away and become embroiled in their own conflict. If all of this plays out it sounds like there could be a lot to contend with in Inquisition.

Gameplay wise the most interesting points are the fact that the game may be incorporating certain open world elements from games like Skyrim, as well as creating more significant effects for those who import their save files from the first two games in the series. Both of these sound like they could really help to flesh Inquisition out, and push the Dragon Age series as a whole forwards.

If you simply need to return to Thedas, then keep an eye out in Fall 2013.

46. Bayonetta 2

46. Bayonetta 2

PS3 owners may remember the first Bayonetta ruefully, with the wide variety of problems it featured on the platform. Perhaps it’s fortunate then that the follow up, Bayonetta 2, won’t be coming to PS3 at all, instead being a Wii U exclusive set to launch sometime in 2013. Platinum Games will stay on development, although in a move that would likely shock anyone who remembers the early 90s, it’ll be Nintendo publishing it rather than Sega.

Beyond that we don’t really know all that much yet. We gave the original Bayonetta a 7/10 in our review, feeling like we’d seen a lot of what it had to offer in earlier games, although it scored higher at other outlets. If Platinum can make the sequel feel a bit more distinctive they might be able to pull off a hit.

That’s it for the first five games in our top fifty. We’ll be back tomorrow with games 45 to 41.



  1. Dragon Age: Origins = legend
    Dragon Age 2: = Pathetic excuse to make money whilst releasing Mass effect sequel.
    Dragon Age 3: Quite possibly s**** just because of Mass Effect 3.

    Completely forgot about tearaway, should be interesting :)

    • It barely qualifies as a Bioware game and is a massive finger to the fans of the first one. I’ve heard rumours that DA3 will once again force us to play as a human. Which i hate as i tend to expect to play as any of the 3 races in a franchise that allowed you to do so in the first game. I’m actually playing DAO atm and it is excellent. It beats anything Bioware has released since DA2.

      • I spent 135 hours happy happy hours with DA:O, it was the best of the best from bioware for a while.

        I bought DA2 expecting the same great formula… oh dear. At least I only spent a fiver on it, but even then I feel ripped off considering I am playing great games like Dead Space and Bioshock atm for 3.49 each.

      • I wish i didn’t buy my preowned. But i did make up for it by buying all of the DLC. And then not keeping it installed on my harddrive. :-/I suspect i have 340 hours in total. I think i was addicted to for 3 months and completed it 6 times. :O Which rare for me as games this generation usually get put back on the shelf once i’ve completed it. Shame that they have gone downhill since DAO. Bloody EA and their constant need to outsell COD regardless of franchise. *shakes fist*

  2. Tearaway is probably my next Vita game, or at least the one I’m looking forward to. A little bit worrying since this could be out late 2013 for all I know, and my Vita will gather some dust in the meantime. I guess I still might pick up NFS Most Wanted at some point.

  3. Bayonetta was probably the worst PS3 game I ever bought.

    • You never played Haze I guess

    • Mine was probably Army of Two.

    • Mercenaries: 2 World in Flames

      Utter Tripe.

    • Sonic The Hedgehog


    • Lol! No, didn’t play Haze or Army of Two. Quite enjoyed Mercenaries on the PS2, but yeah, Mercenaries 2 was pretty shite!

  4. I loved Dragon Age: Origins and hated the second one, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the third (assuming they’ve taken into account people’s feedback). It’ll be interesting to see what they do in a post-Skyrim world – an expanded and connected map would be a great addition.

    I’m also looking forward to Tearaway and Bayonetta 2 – Tearaway has been on my radar since its first trailer, and I mostly enjoyed the original Bayonetta (bar a couple of ridiculous difficulty spikes).

    • Very true, it would be interesting to see what they will do in post-skyrim world. I never thought of that. Oh well, fingers crossed.

  5. Bayonetta was good (and MUCH better on 360) so hopeful for 2.

  6. Lovely to see them continuing with the Dragon Age franchise as there’s room for improvement but plenty of people out there enjoying what’s been offered so far.

    Tearaway makes me smile every time. Dammit, I’ll need to borrow a Vita from someone.

  7. I loved DAO and it’s my all time favorite RPG of this generation. Then DA2 came along and shat all over it as well as my memories of it. By god, it was crap. From the dumbed down gameplay that consists of literally no strategy to the same 5 maps and the choices meant feck all as they had no conquences. Such as killing that person’s son and having him vow to make your life hell, only for it to never be mentioned again. We spent 2 minutes with the Hawkes before one dies and there is no character development so when one dies, we don’t care about it. They could started it off in Lothering and have us do some quests as well as getting to know the hawkes, like an Origin from DAO. But no, they are just running from LOTR rejects. The Darkspawn in DAO looked like they were corrupted. In DA2. Generic as hell. Oh and why the feck can i walk around Kirkwall as a mage. It’s only ran by the templars and have a heavy templar presence as well as treating mages like crap. But no biggie as templars are not trained to hunt mages. OH WAIT!

    Sorry for the outburst, it’s just that i fucking loathe DA2 or Dragon Effect 2. I’ve heard a rumour that DA3 will force us to once again play as a human because feck customisation and freedom of choice. It’s not like the first game allowed us to pick from 3 races. Oh wait, yes it did. It should be better then DA2 as they have two years this time around and hopefully, will listen to the fans and actually develop it as a Dragon Age game not a mass Effect clone. Bring back the dialogue tree and tweak it, the strategic gameplay and companions that mean something. And a plot that lives up to DAO’s one. I suspect the Quanari will be a major threat due to them being capable of taking over Thedas.

    I also suspect it will have tacked on MP, content cut to sell back to us as DLC on day one and will be marketed towards the mainstream crowd instead of the fans. DA3 is Bioware’s last chance to redeem themselves. If it’s crap, i will ignore Bioware as it will confirm my theory that they are going the way of Origin studio. If it’s decent, then they have won back my trust. I won’t be holding my breath though. And i thought Hazelam was bad with her wall of texts. :O I’m even worse.

    I liked Bayonetta, it had some flaws such as the odd choice they made for the cutscenes and the gameplay being a bit on the generic side but overall, i enjoyed it. It is a massive shame that Bayonetta 2 is an exclusive but i’m hoping it’s one of those timed ones as it has potential to replace DMC as best hack and slash franchise. Imo.

  8. Tearaway is a must-buy for me, Fortnite is on my radar but it’ll have to convince me.

    Not interested in the others at all.

  9. Fortnite looks good, hadn’t heard of it before (or maybe I just forgot about it).

  10. Absolutely loved the original Bayonetta so I will definitely pick up the sequel on day one. Hopefully Ninty cough up a release date soon

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