Rockstar Still Has Big Ambitions For Future GTA

The very first Grand Theft Auto featured multiple cities you moved between. Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas were all there, unlocking as you progressed. When GTA made its move into environmental 3D, we saw a single-city approach. That was undoubtedly necessary, given the increase in scale and complexity of the games.

Now Leslie Benzies, a producer at Rockstar, has indicated that the developer would like to see a return to a multiple city set up. He told Digital Trends that, in that context, “a re-imagining of Vice City would be very interesting.”


The ’80s sun-bleached sequel has just made its appearance on iOS to commemorate its 10th anniversary but the return of GTA to San Andreas for GTA V seems to indicate that Vice City (which came after GTA III’s Liberty City in the PS2-era trilogy) has been skipped. That disappoints many GTA fans for whom Vice City was Grand Theft Auto at its joyful best.

Given the amount of power and space required to get a sprawling GTA city onto current consoles, a return to the multiple city set up seems like a distant dream but long-time fans might remember a section of GTA San Andreas where you could return to a very limited section of Liberty City. With a new console generation not too far away, perhaps we’ll see enough power to make this dream a reality.

What do you think, a traditional GTA game with three times the city to play in or some kind of enormous GTA MMO with millions of petty criminals teaming up for heists in various cities?



  1. I like the idea of multiple cities as long as they are not quite the scale each of them has been in the single-city games. San Andreas was just too big really and if they were all the size of Liberty City from GTA4, that’d be too much.

    I like the feeling of being overwhelmed by the size but gradually getting to know it and if there are three cities and they are too big, that’d never happen so getting about becomes a bit of a boring sat-nav affair.

  2. NO, no, no for a GTA MMO!!

  3. I’m a firm believer of quality over quantity. I’m yet to find a game (particularly an open world game) over 15 hours long that hasn’t bored me to tears towards the end. I prefer shorter, punchier games. If I recall correctly GTA3 and Vice City felt about right, providing you didn’t do loads of the boring side stuff.

  4. I’d personally love a massive city GTA just as long as no over games are coming out for a while and I don’t have much to do. Otherwise I will never finish it.

    • *no other games.

      Stupid me not spell checking.

    • Same here, but not all at once. I’d perfer the DLC to add on to the city, so every 4 months or so you get to explore new areas.

  5. I haven’t enjoyed a gta game since they moved from the top down view. Playing multiplayer over a network on gta2 was brilliant.

    I can’t see myself going for an mmo, I’d rather they focused on making the game more fun than focusing on plot etc…

    The best but about gta for me was when you unlocked the tank and you could cause mayhem.

    • Ahhh the invisible bridge in the original Bottom left of map I think. Was amazing carnage.

      • Bottom Right! ;-) to the north of the bottom ‘island’ and east of the bridge onto it!

    • Well I think Saint’s Row really feels the void for a GTA that focuses on fun rather than the story.

  6. As long as it has “hot coffee”, I’m happy

  7. I think having multiple cities works well, they don’t have to be massive, just have distinct differences and atmospheres.

  8. They still have multiple sections, that you unlock as the game goes through.

    I agree with the size thing, taxi travel in GTA 4 really made it bearable, but having to drive for 10 mins to get to a mission is a real ballache.

  9. Some decent A.I routines for NPC cars would be fantastic, hell some decent A.I routines for NPC’s full stop, would be a start.

    A return to fun over realism would be another welcome feature, loved GTA 3+VC, but S.A marked start of a downward spiral (spent so much more time playing Scarface instead).

    Also, be lovely if you could change the relationship you with have with likes of EDGE magazine Rockstar-Find it pathetic your games get such high scores, flaws glossed over, when games like the Mafia series, Saboteur etc are ripped apart.Ahhh what price a piece of cover art eh?.

    And how about a Vita exclusive GTA? something i’d have thought Sony would have secured by now?.

  10. GTA MMO sounds like a bad idea. A multiple city game sounds very cool, and possible for next gen as all platforms would be using min 25GB discs. The problem would be cost and development time.

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