“Special Secret Announcement” Planned For Tomb Raider

It looks like Crystal Dynamics are set to make good on their tease of a ‘special secret announcement’ soon. Those words were first found in the video below, with the date of said announcement the 18th of December. That’s next week, fact fans.

The video’s a few days old, but the announcement, whatever that is, hasn’t yet been discovered. The announcement is apparently going to “change the way you play Tomb Raider forever” – which is quite a bold claim – and one that might warrant a little guesswork.


Current speculation points to one of three things: social interaction, a Wii U version, or – most likely – a multiplayer mode. Social integration with Facebook or similar is hardly unique, and we reckon it’s probably one of the latter two instead.

Indeed, Crystal Dynamics were looking for someone with multiplayer background recently, and that seems the most likely. That would certainly fit the bill, right?

Other that that – ugh – Kinect?



  1. Why on earth would they put multiplayer in to Tomb Raider! Bloody hell not every game warrants it.

    • there’s only been one game, that i can recall, that i’ve thought, ‘ this needs multiplayer’ and that was Just Cause 2.

      and footage of the pc multiplayer mod would seem to show i was right.

      actually tell a lie, there was one more, the Scott Pilgrim game, that really needs an online multiplayer mode, the dlc that was supposed to provide that mode got delayed, and now nobody seems to know when, or even if, it’s coming out.

  2. Social intrusions be damned – the whole point of Tomb Raider games is that you can get immersed in the story and exploration.

  3. “change the way you play Tomb Raider forever”
    Well they’re either going to change the camera so you can’t check out Lara’s… um… features, or they going to fix the targeting.

    • well given how many times the camera looked down Lara’s top during the EGX demo i’d say option number 1 is unlikely.

      • SOLD! *throws his wallet at his screen and his trousers* :p

      • i’ll take the wallet, you can keep the trousers though. ^_^

  4. so, did they reveal what it was?

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