Community Chronicle: 16/12/12

Nothing like a bowl of ice cream on a cold, wintery day, is there? Well… maybe I’m just a little bit weird.

We have a nice treat for you this week in this first segment, as we get to have a look at Bunimomike’s gaming set up. As ever, I can hand over to him to describe what’s going on in his own words:

My lovely Sony Bravia 46″ 1080p set which has been entertaining me, Hannypoppie and countless friends, whether it’s for films, PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 games. As always, 3D animations (from the likes of Pixar) show it off best even though it’s now coming up to six years old. Brand new, it was £1600 but I know I can replace it with something superior for under £700, which is lovely considering how technology moves on!

The Media PC is my retired works machine which has an ATI 6950 in there so Hanny can enjoy co-op with me on the likes of Torchlight II or Saints Row The Third (which we’re trying out this week when my 7950 comes back from repair).

My flat-mate decided to wrap things in tinsel for Christmas, so excuse the ‘Curry’s Christmas offer’ look to it all! The awesome TV stand is just something from Ikea. Utterly awesome unit which also takes enormous weight and is built like a brick privy!

All nice and tinselled, I see. Very festive indeed! You might just like to… uh… clean up the wall in the top left before you have friends over next.

You lot have been rather busy again, this week, but before I reel off a big list of trophies and games, I’d just like to send a few well wishes element666‘s way. It seems like he’s had a thoroughly horrible week, so here’s hoping things get better soon!

Alright, what have you all been playing?

Well, R1MJAW finished his first run through of Epic Mickey 2, as well as polishing off his “fastest” Far Cry 3 Platinum run… I’m not bitter, or anything, but I completed all of the tasks to get a Platinum trophy last Sunday, but it doesn’t count because I did it on PC! That’s Platform-ist!

OK, so maybe I am a little bitter…

Moving on, Youles netted the fastest FIFA 13 Platinum, his first for that venerable series of games, and he’s getting pretty darn close to the LBP Vita Platinum too. Not to mention that he now has some crazily fast fibre optic broadband! I’m jealous of that too.

B_Cambo clobbered Hitman: Absolution for the Platinum, whilst Bambo_19 took the fastest time for the similarly stealthy Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, and also rounded up the Platinum for PSASBR.

MadJunkBoy finished off the Ratchet & Clank 3 Platinum, his final act shooting a dinosaur-bird with the sniper rifle, whilst Ratchet & Clank Q-Force was finished off by Freezebug. Wolf-OF-chaos also revisited an older title, to take the fastest Platinum for Killzone HD. Killzone 2 might be the next game in his sights, but he’ll need a bit of luck to complete all those rather challenging multiplayer trophies, let alone making it through that final battle with Radec!

Crazy_Del’s crusade on older games’ trophies continues with The Cursed Crusade as a fastest, and Shift 2 Platinums. Oh, he also took all the trophies in Mutant Blobs Attack on the Vita.

We finish off with a little Public Service Announcement. Black Ops 2 is having another double XP event this weekend, so if you’re after a prestige, or just picking up a few levels, now’s your chance!

That’s almost your lot this week. You can head over to page two for the trophy leaderboards, but to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Dildo in a cup?
    Nice set up fella. We used to have one of those soft leather sofa/chair sets in the same colour as senn on the left of the picture but our Boxer dog ripped the fuck out of it with his claws just getting comfortable stretching :P

    I’ve actually gained three platinums during the last week…… All 4 One, Sonic transformers and Q-Force with the latter two being of the fastest type!

  2. That is a really neat set up!

    To wolf of chaos, is Killzone HD good? Havent played the first in the series but love the 2nd and 3rd

    • Yeah, it’s decent but the game feels really dated by todays standard, the controls and Weapons are clunky and imprecise and while Helghast forces shuffle in front of your cross-hair like brain dead orange-eyed zombies as opposed to the incredibly intelligent units of Killzone 2.

      If you’re a fan of KZ then you may enjoy this but at £11.99 you should approach with caution.

      • That’s a little on the expensive side!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes Tef :-)

  4. Police have been informed. The warning is clear!

    • Apparently they already know about Mike but can’t arrest him as he is immune to the law. :O I blame Hanny for that. *shakes fist in the air*

  5. Was expecting a lot of sex toys next to toy sheep. :P I didn’t know that you owned a 360 Mike. I think someone is trying to tell us something in that picture but i can’t tell what it is. Probably is just the shopping list and Hanny decided it belonged on the wall to remind Mike. ;)

    How come i no longer get mentioned in the chronicle? I’ve just recently returned to DAO after months/years of trying to but giving up due to DA2 ruining it for me. :O I am loving DAO by the way. Do wish that there was a party chest in the camp instead of being in a DLC setting as well as having the Marbari sharing the same slot as the Warden instead of taking up a slot. Oh and don’t try taking on a high dragon on Normal at level 11 with out the proper spells and massive armour for your tanks and a lot of potions. :O Forgot how hard they are. She will fall to me one day! Will probably attempt it again after i’ve done Orzammer as i will need to use Oghren. I’ve done Redcliffe then the circle(well techincally, i completed the circle first as it was tied into completing Redcliffe) and currently doing the Dalish.

    I am struggling to find a use for Leliana as i use mages for the supporting ranged roles as well as using Morrigan for Elemental Damage and Wynn for spirit damage. I’m trying to build Wynn into a Healer and spirit damage mage whilst Morrigan an offensive mage. Sten is my tank as well as Alistar although i do need to get him better armour then Steel Heavy Chainmail but i’m going to use the Templar Armour as an upgrade to that and equip him with the RedCliffe Elite Shield as it is far better then Havard’s shield.

    Sten, i’ve already equiped him with Massive Armour and just need to find Plate boots to get the bonus although i may just get the Juggernaut armour as i remeber it being useful for him. Zevran, i’m not sure what to do with him and may just copy my Warden’s template. Barkspawn(the dog), it’s a Marbari, what do you think i’m going to do with him? No dirty jokes. ;) Orghen will be my Bezerker(can’t remeber how it is spelt in game and it’s a sunday) as he can be deadly when he goes bezerk(if i remeber correctly)

    Prehaps i should set up a DAO thread to avoid my massive wall of texts and to avoid Hazelam trying to sue me for unauthorised use of her patented tech. Bloody patent troll. :P *is sued by Apple for the word Patent* Crap!

    • Oh and for you trophy whores, i may end up getting the DAO plat due to the amount of Darkspawn that i’ve killed so far. Not really bothered if i get it or not. Also, Crazy Del is a filthy trophy whore! :p

      • You know you want it…… babe ;)


        @Bearded Hippy the toeshoeless You could always mention what game i’m playing in a single sentence. ;) Is it because i ate your mince pie the other week? I’m telling you, Gazzagb told me i could have it so take it out on him! Does explain why he is in Amsterdam now. :p

    • Because I like to get these things finished for Sundays, and trawling through your epic comments hurts my head!

  6. Love the set up, but as for that message on the wall, I can’t believe you have a basement, you are so lucky!

  7. Ahhhh Killzone 2 I remember the days of frustration and anger and cursing at the telly also my DS3 when playing on a harder difficulty (Elite wasn’t it?)
    Radec was a pain in the arse and the whole last Mission too!
    Multiplayer was a great blast…… Oh those were the days…..
    Love the wall background hahaha

  8. Cool, you have a basement :)

  9. It’s really been slow for me and trophies lately, I’m amazed I’m still in the top 30! January/Febuary however might change that :D

  10. I’m laughing myself silly at the basement jealousy and not the obvious. You’re all awesome and so very, very wrong in the head. :-p

    • That’s not true you sick barsteward! *forces his sex slaves to bake him a cake*

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