News Snatch: Poor Peter, Awful Mark And Cuddly Bob

Peter Molyneux has so far not taken my advice to keep quiet for a bit but at least he’s stopped crying in interviews, the latest of which he has given to Kotaku. In it he discussed why 22Cans are running a Kickstarter for Godus rather than money-bags Molyneux funding the game himself.

Apperently Peter is not all that wealthy as he only has a nice house, two cars, his son goes to a nice school and he takes one holiday a year.


Brassic he is, brassic I tell ya. 

Peter went on to explain how he’s never really made much money from the sale of Bullfrog and Lionhead, he actually owned ‘way, way less than 50%’ of the latter. EA and Microsoft have never revealed how much they paid for the two companies but we do know EA paid £326 million for Rare back in 2002.

Anyway, go fund the 2 Cans Kickstarter! Go! Go pledge money now! Peter can’t fund it because he lives in this house which only has 20 acres of land and – oh the horror – can only seat 18 people round his dining table!

Poor Peter! Poor, poor Peter!

It's tiny!I mean just look at his swimming pool, it’s not very big is it? What will the neighbours say when they see that? Please fund the Godus Kickstarter then Peter will be able to get a bigger pool.

OK enough with the sarcasm, I really do hope Godus gets funded but I think I’ve made my point – shush Peter, or at least employ someone to do your PR, you are only making things worse.

In other multi-millionaire news (that was the last dig Peter, promise), it’s the welcome return of Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick! Yay! Bob says he has ‘no intentions’ of making a Call Of Duty film. He thinks “movies based on video games rarely please devoted fans and could taint the brand.”

Lovely, cuddly Bob is also having problems finding a new soul mate, having recently been divorced. “Think about what it’s like for my dating life when the first picture that comes up is me as the Devil. You see all this chatter and you realize that they game the search results. These super-sophisticated 19-year-olds are smarter than our expensive P.R. firm”

Square Enix have released a new video for Tomb Raider which shows how Lara must adapt to survive on the island.

The CEO of Zynga, Mark Pincus, has been listed by Bloomberg as the fourth worst CEO this year. “Zynga stock is down 75 percent so far this year, and the company is losing top executive talent,” commented Bloomberg. Oops. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) president John Smedley recently criticised Zynga, “I think Zynga has done free-to-play a terrible disservice because many of their releases are monetisation products – not games.”

John Carmack, founder of id Software and creator of Doom and the like has given his views on next-gen. “Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of next gen games will still target 30 fps.” That’s not what we wanted to hear, John.

And finally, it’s Christmas! Have a present HL42-KDNL-NC5A. Shout in the comments box if you’ve redeemed the code on the PSN.



  1. Poor Peter Molyn… No, I can’t do it. Best ignoring idiots than letting them annoy you.

    I can see John Carmack’s point. The way the textures loaded in RAGE would never get a constant 30FPS. At least fitting a game on one disc will please him.

    • He’s not an idiot he’s a very clever chap. A very clever chap who should be making video games and not doing his own PR.

      • I don’t deny he’s clever in that sense. But level of his idiocy regarding his wealth is off the scale.

      • I know, hence the piss take. What’s fabulous is that link also lists the suppliers of all the furniture in his house so you can see just how not-wealthy he is.

        For example, his lovely Phillip Starck dining chairs? A snip at just under £5,000 for the set! I mean, everyone can afford them, right?

      • I need some new chairs, might start a Kickstarter.

  2. I missed the code :(

    Mark Pincus, oh dear…

  3. Was this the expected Tomb Raider reveal? If so it’s not really much to have hyped up (although I’ve not watched it as I don’t want to spoil any surprises), but at least it wasn’t a multiplayer reveal!

    • I believe the trailer came out yesterday so HOPEFULLY they will announce something today. Must admit I keep F5-ing TSA today for this reason :$

      • Same – not been this excited about a TR since the second game. The first TR was the best game I bought on my Sega Saturn, around 1996 I think?! And at EuroGamer it was the best game there imo.

      • Yeah, the original TR was pretty much the first game I played. Loved it. Great environments, a few jumpy moments and loads of puzzles.
        Really looking forward to getting my hands on this new one. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become too Uncharted/Rambo-esqe towards the end of the game (something the trailers keep hinting at…)

  4. Don’t see the relevance of bringing peoples private lives into this article/site.

    Thats Molyneuxs’ house? Good for him. Dont see why it should be held against him, bet he worked hard for it, and it paid off. Surely the company should take the risk, not him personally. How long could you employ 20 people with no revenue stream? Koticks just divorced. Lets all have a good laugh…..? Give the guy a break.
    I always read and enjoy News snatch. Yeah, have a laugh at the industry and people in the industry but keep it in context. Personal lives should be kept out of it IMO.

    • It;s not his private life. It’s a magazine article from August 2012 which explains who lovely and expensive his house is. The article is freely available on the web.

      Peter seems to think he’s not loaded, all I did was google “Peter Molyneux House” to prove that he is. The point is not to embarass or annoy him, the point is – as I have said numerous times in the past few weeks – he needs to shut up, or at least think before he opens his mouth.

      As for Kotick, no one is laughing at him. I love Bob, the comment at the devil thing comes from him. I’d marry Bob if I could. I can put up with that face for a couple of billion.

    • Frustrating. I’d spoken to Molyneux recently – – and his reasons for the Kickstarter were made very clear. Nothing to do with money.


      • Ah you mean the bit where he said “Some people undoubtedly think I’m rich and don’t need Kickstarter funding: that is definitely not true”

        That one? Claiming he’s “Not rich” when he has a house like that? That’s a blatant, outright lie.

        After all the fab games he has made he deserves some cash, that’s fine, but pretending he isn’t loaded is deceitful.

    • Oh come on Habit,it doesn’t work that way does it.If someone hangs their arse out of a window for long enough someone will throw something,anything at it surely?
      If we only know of their public persona (arse) then…ah you get the point.

  5. Maybe Peter could generate a bit of cash renting out his boot room to students. Or to someone who owns a lot of boots. Assuming his wife doesn’t have some kind of boot fetish and it’s already full to the brim.

    • Tis an awesome house. I wish I had a house like that.

      • You could buy a house like that, you just need to kickstart it. People can pledge to spend 20 minutes enjoying the comforts of your boot room.

  6. kotick’s single and looking for love?
    shame Cruella Deville is only a fictional character, because she’d be ideal. ^_^

    anyway, i can’t wait for Tomb Raider, did they have to give Lara a version of detective mode?
    does that mean they’ll be copy Batman with the combat as well?

    why’s that bloke keep calling her Laura though, couldn’t they get somebody english to do the voiceover?

  7. At least Kotick can laugh about himself, Molyneux has his head so far up his own arse I’m surprised he could even hear the interviewer’s questions.

  8. I would Fund him to stop talking because he is sooooooooooooo f**king BORING!!! LoL:D

  9. TC – Best snatch so far, for me. Nice piss take for ol’ Molyneck to put things into perspective. Then again, he doesn’t have a gun to anyone’s head so perhaps the smart folk will simply say “nah, Peter… not this time. We still haven’t forgiven you for Fable III”. ;-)

  10. Poor Peter, he can’t afford to fund his own game but has a nice house with rooms that are larger then most of our rooms. As well as having a swimming pool. The poor sod. Whereas some of us are luckily to have cash every fortnight. He really needs to yank his head out of his arse and hire someone to do the PR for him. Plus, couldn’t he approach a publisher that is known for taking risks? Or have all publishers that have taken risks died out? I think he is using Kickstarter because he wants complete creative control and a very few amount of publishers would allow him, not because he only has a few million left. Plus, i suspect many people have not forgiven him for Fable 3 as it seems to be an insult from what i’ve heard.

    Not surprised Bob doesn’t want COD to have a film as most video game based films tend to be crap to pure crapping on the fans. Average at best. And then there is Uwe fecking Boll.

    Not surprised Zynga’s stock is starting to bomb as they have a reputation for stealing ideas and suing or issuing the original creator with a lawsuit if they try to countersue as they know that they can’t afford to hire lawyers. It’s something like that. Didn’t they try to sue EA due to Simville “being a copy” despite the fact that Ville seems to be a Sims clone? Not really smart trying to pick on one of the biggest publishers out there when you are generally depised by gamers and developers. I doubt that even EA is capable of getting the amount of hate that Zynga seems to get. :O

    As for the next gen. Not really bothered if it’s 30 FPS as long as it’s playable.

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