Nintendo Confirm Wii U eShop Sale This Week

Broken Rules’ Chasing Aurora and Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno will both see substantial sales on the Wii U eShop this week, with the former down to £5.39 (half price) and the fire burning sim £8.39 (from £13). We thought Little Inferno was great, but a bit pricey, so this is great news.

These appear to be just for the European eShop, with the US version not offering the same discounts.


The deals are valid until the 3rd of January and the 4th of January respectively, with the current discount for Trine 2 expiring at around the same time. If you’ve just got a Wii U and are looking for three solid downloadable games, perhaps now is the time.

The deals will kick in this Thursday.



  1. Now the question is which to pick up… Think it’ll be Little Inferno and Trine 2 for me.

    • Snap :) Wanted to pick up Trine2 since launch and Little Inferno sounds great. Can’t remember how much Mighty Switch Force is but hopefully all three games squeeze into a £25 Nintendo Card.

      • Think Mighty Switch Force was quite cheap already so you should be sorted!

      • Just checked. Unfortunately it comes to £28.28 in total at the moment.
        I believe Tesco sell £15 Nintendo cards so I may need to grab a couple before the end of the year :)

  2. Thanks for this tsa,very nearly picked up little inferno over the weekend.

    • Me too. Will be getting it on Thursday now though!

  3. A good job I held off after that review. Still think the games are a wee bit pricy overall though…

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