January PlayStation Plus Content Looking Great

PlayStation Plus is the gift that just keeps giving. The provisional January list, which we reported here, has just been bolstered with some full games confirmed.

Plus subscribers on PS3 will have access to BioShock 2, Guardians of Middle Earth and Mortal Kombat. BioShock Infinite is not far away so it’s a perfect time to download the second game in the series and acquaint yourself with the excellent work Irrational has done with the series so far. Infinite isn’t in the same story arc but we’re sure there’ll be plenty of knowing nods to the previous games.


Guardians of Middle Earth is an online multiplayer arena battler based on the Lord of the Rings universe. It’s sure to appeal to fans of that fiction so hopefully the servers will hold up for the influx of new players. Mortal Kombat is replaced in Germany and Australia (thanks to their restrictive rating system) with Gotham City Imposters.

The Vita is also getting some new content in January. Jet Set Radio will be free from the middle of the month and The Pinball Arcade will become available on the 23rd.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. So glad I didn’t but JSR now for the vita. I thought they said MK was coming free to the vita? Not that I want it I bought the freaking game. I will get the ps3 one, is it just normal MK or komplete edition

    • Mortal Kombat is coming to Vita today, and to PS3 PS+ next month.

      • For some reason MK won’t show up on the store on my Vita, anyone else having this problem?

      • bmg_123, which country do you live in? Some countries do not have MK. I believe it was refused classification here in Australia.

      • In the UK, but for some reason it just hasn’t appeared…glad I don’t live in Australia!

      • They said it was coming this week, must be on Friday’s update instead.

        It’s confusing having two updates in the same week!

      • I can’t see it either. UK account. Anyone else?

      • Neither can I and it was due yesterday, Knytt Underground is due tomorrow.

    • They’d have it on its own, then you have to get the DLC like previous free games. Space Marine etc etc.

  2. Traded my copy of MK a while back but I am very pleased to be getting it back.
    Not a bad deal for Germany and Australia there either, I’d happily have had that as a swap
    Looking forward to giving Guardians of Middle Earth a whirl too, not something I would ever consider purchasing, so that will certainly be a new experience for me

  3. Suprised that JSR is added so soon. I know it’s slim pickings for the Vita, but adding a game a couple of months after it was released isn’t exactly encouraging sales for future titles.

    • I believe it was a day one PSV PS+ freebie over in the US.

  4. …omg damn, really need to replace the PS3’s hard-drive.

    • I swapped out my 60GB for a 750GB a little while ago and it was a great decision as I have not had to worry about space since. It was really easy too.

      I just ordered a 32GB memory card for my Vita as I figure I will be needing the extra space sooner rather than later.

  5. Really hope the Bioshock 2 DLC is discounted, as they usually are; Minerva’s den looks fun and I just burnt through both Bioshock 1 and 2…

    • What’s the price of Minerva’s Den before a possible discount?

      • Think it’s £6.99 or something right now.

  6. MK Vita is really, really good.

  7. Cheers for the heads up. Expecting a £20 PSN voucher for my birthday on the 23rd which would surely have been spent on Guardians of Middle Earth. Can happily put that towards something else instead. Stranger’s Wrath is looking particularly tempting :)

  8. more great stuff love PS+

  9. Was contemplating GoME, but now I’ll just have it *free*! Cheers PS+!

    • Same here, i was hovering over it but luckly i checked out the ps blog before buying it

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