Sony Releases PS Vita Firmware 2.02

Sony have released a new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, taking the console up to version 2.02.

The update, which is currently optional and thus won’t be forced on you when you next try to connect, does little on the surface, with the platform holder only confirming that the patch “improves software stability during use of some features.”


It’s not clear what those features are, but it’s unlikely that they’re related to the Vita’s system security and it really is just some minor bug fixes.

The update is available now.



  1. cool, I’ll download now

  2. Installed it this morning, noticed nothing different.

  3. I shall download it, I’d not had any crashes since the last update – hopefully this will minimise future crashes!

  4. Is that not three within a month? None of them are big or take long. Plus, I’m not one to really moan about all the updates. If they are needed, then I’m easy.

    But I do hate when I sit down on the loo with the vita and another update springs up. Ruining my “me time”.

    • It’s optional not forced :)

      • No i know. Was general musing by myself that it is always the case that the non optional updats happen at the toilet.

        Oh and I have OCD about updates so none of them are optional for me ha.

  5. If they could sort out the blue flashing light crash which I get I would be very happy.

    • I get it all the time mate, its not good. That and my touch screen stops working sometimes too

      • The top of my touchscreen stopped working until I restarted it a few days ago. But that happened as my two tear old nephew was playing Paint Park with his face. Hasn’t happened since, and I’ve only had one of the blue light crashes.

        Still, this is surely something Sony is working on.

      • Yeah these two issues are quite annoying and worrying. Hope they are sorted soon.

  6. maybe it’s related to LBP2, will download.

  7. Only bug I have noticed is that wi-fi keeps dropping in and out and it never did that before the last update. Seemed I’d have to go to settings just to disconnect and connect again just to get it working.

  8. Even though it’s optional it was still auto downloaded (PS+) which was a bit of a surprise as, if I remember right, the PS3 didn’t auto download the optional updates.

    • My system auto downloaded it too. I had a game open so when it asked if I wanted to update the system I pressed no figuring that I could do the update later. Now that I am ready to do the update it has decided it needs to download it again. Have to remember that for next time.

  9. “@yosp @playstation Thanks for the new #vita update that adds youtube app loading from within the browser”

    • Nice find TC, just tested it now and it works! Cool, i was hoping they would do something like that. You also have to update the Vita Youtube app before it’ll work.

  10. Just got the update, seems pretty substantial at 60-70 mb.

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