Rumour: Sony Working On Multichannel TV Service

According to rumours surfacing this afternoon, Sony are apparently in talks with “at least two major content companies” with regards to licensing their channels for a Sony specific TV channel that could well hit the States this year.

Variety claims the service would be “a package of linear channels”, much like what pay-TV distributors provide already, although it would be delivered over broadband rather than cable. This would mean the TV service could be broadcast to anyone nationwide.


Setting up the service is likely to cost “billions of dollars”, money that Sony doesn’t really have at the moment. Sony’s share price has fallen sharply of late, with new boss Kazuo Hirai still struggling to stabilise the spending.

According to the report, both Apple and Microsoft both toyed with a similar idea last year before backing off, although Microsoft does allow access to Comcast via its Xbox 360 console. The Comcast app apparently doesn’t factor into bandwidth caps, something that could cripple Sony’s new venture before it even gets running.

Sony will be presenting various new tech at CES next week, although it’s not likely to find much time to discuss anything aside from its new smartphone range.



  1. id prefer they add sky player functionality to ps3 than this. dont really see the point.

  2. I read it twice I still don’t understand. What does this mean? The US equivalent of sky through your ps3? So if they brought this to UK it’d be sky watched on your ps3?

    • I think it means something like this-
      The PS3 is the leading device for watching the Movie/TV streaming service NETFLIX. tens of millions of PS3 users use their PS3 to stream the service at the cost of $8 a month. In NA theres Amazon, HULU, Crackle, NFL, NHL, MLB, NETFLIX, Laugh Factory, YouTube, 4 or 5 different anime streaming services…. in short theres ALOT of ways to stream… and most charge. I think Sony is just trying to capitalize from the PS3 streaming craze or more accurately, the monthly payment for it.

  3. I don’t really understand it either, the bit I do get is that I won’t be able to use it as Sky have again reduced my broadband speed, now it’s too slow for iPlayer.

    • Sky have been left very far behind by Virgin and BT when it comes to internet.

      • I think you’re right about Virgin, my friends rave over them, unforunately for whatever reason Virgin’s box won’t work in our block of flats so this might be the year we have to give BT a go. To be honest I hadn’t considered them at all until checking out their packages just now, so thanks for the tip!

      • I’m with Virgin myself but BT have invested hugely to catch up with them and there’s a good bit of competition between them both now driving up speeds and keeping prices reasonable which is great for consumers! I think there’s very little between them now.

      • Had BT Infinity for over a year and have recently resigned the contract for 12 months. That gave me a doubling up of everything so I’m on 80Mbit download and around 16Mbit upload. It’s stunning, to be honest. I can be on Skype with Hannypoppie (who’s also here) whilst we game online, upload work to Dropbox as well as have a flat-mate who might be streaming HighDef from YouTube and the like. I never, ever think about speeds any more. Oh, one very telling thing is that I can install most games (from Steam) in around 15 minutes. It’s getting very close to DVD install speeds.

      • Nice! My folks get 20 download and that’s pretty incredible to me, when we move we’ll probably look at Infinity but unfortunately the cables on our road now are apparently so old that we can only ever get around 4 or 5 per property. There’s a listed building over them, so the local press says there’s not going to be an upgrade in the near future. Such a low speed makes paying for the premium speeds seem a bit of a waste of money, but today I’ve finally persuaded Sky to send someone out as we’ve had 3.5 before, but now it’s back to 0.8, which is apparently just enough for high quality radio streaming apparently. Fingers crossed.

  4. If it’s free it’s something i might use occasionally.

  5. Seems a bit pointless as the PS3 has almost TV service and they could just spend a few grand convincing Sky to allow them to develop an app to enable people to watch it on their PS3. If it’s for the PS4, still a bit pointless as chances are it’s still cheaper to renew the rights. Oh and if SCEE are left in charge of it, it would be a crap experience as they would delay the programs for 3 weeks. :P

  6. I’m sure there’s a Sony TV channel on UK TV already threat nobody watches. Seems like they want to waste more money on useless stuff. Bring is Sky player and I also will be happy.

    • has some good films on that channel I watch it sometimes. my mum & sister love the daytime movies on the channel.

  7. *there

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