Sony Outside Top 10 Publishers For 2012

2012’s publisher ratings have been, well, published by GfK Chart-Track. The chart, which is a top ten of publishers in terms of how they measure up against each other, doesn’t feature Sony though, despite 2012 being a solid year for the PlayStation 3 (and at least a starter for ten for the PS Vita).

Instead, the list is made up of third party behemoths like EA and Ubisoft, but with the two other platform holders Nintendo and Microsoft both in there despite the latter not having a huge amount of exclusive titles. It seems like Halo 4 and Forza were both hugely lucrative, then, and Nintendo have been clearing up on the 3DS since the year began.


The list in full:

1. EA
2. Activision
3. Ubisoft
4. Nintendo
5. Microsoft
6. Sega
7. Warner Bros
8. Take-Two
9. THQ
10. Square Enix

EA’s FIFA franchise is clearly the winner here, and it’s not a stretch to assume Call of Duty factored heavily in Activision’s overall position.

It’s evident that whilst Sony’s 2012 might have played host to a couple of true classics, in terms of raw numbers the platform holder simply didn’t cut it. Most first party titles for the PS3 simply just didn’t sell – Starhawk, Wonderbook, Battle Royale, Sorcery and LBP Karting all failed to deliver. Let’s hope that the exclusives lined up for 2013 (at least until mid-year) address the balance a little.



  1. Well there’s a few major exclusives coming early this year, but none in the latter half, does that signify PS4?

  2. It’s kinda embarrassing for Sony that THQ, who have filled for bankruptcy are ranked ahead of them!

    • I was just about to make a comment like this. Truly is embarrassing.

      • I don’t see why. Sony have put out some pretty good games this year. I can see that they may not get as many figures as the giants CoD and Fifa but still, there are a few solid remasters + small independent games like Journey and the Unfinished swan.

        Personally I’m happy to see SCE expanding that range through PUB funding and also now PSM. That makes them better than Microsoft imo as they do not have Bizarre creations or Bungie anymore. I’m not sure where to start with EA.

    • Yes and no you only have to look at the “Boxed” retail product from Sony this year and you will see all have failed sales wise. Sony used to be the kings of advertising but now it’s all generic pofacedness.

      God of War and Last of Us and maybe late next year PS4 exlcusives will see them in better stead.

  3. There’s was nothing released by Sony on the PS3 that ever looked like being a massive seller and the Vita is too new with a small install base to impact a list like this. I would expect 2013 to look very different for Sony with the last of us, beyond, god of war and sly cooper due out in the first half of the year.

    This list is for the UK as far as I’m aware, which is where the PS3 sits in third place, unlike almost every other country in Europe.

    • The Last of Us will be great if the tv trailer says from the makers of Uncharted. Beyond tv trailer needs to make everyone think “Wow! That’s Ellen Paige!”. The other two are strong titles but the multiplayer aspect to God of War is really very risky.

      • TV adverts for Sony’s games? You must be on some good crack ;)

      • Yes assuming they do an actual tv ad and that it never involved real people or made it look like gamers actually move their controller or handheld in the same manner as you would using the game equipment in real life cus honestly when did you last give yourself recoil from using a machine gun.

  4. Not many people game like I do. I play about large amount of the new releases each year so long as they don’t include Online Passes. In 2012 I played 35 games, 30 of which were rented, 1 was bought and the others were either already owned or through PS+. As a person who has not got the money to buy all my games or even the want/need to buy my games, I do not think that I contribute to the sales in the slightest. I think that anyone with the same broad gaming span as me would also be renting games unless they either have the money or plainly just didn’t realise the option to rent was there. So although Sony release lots of great games, there are no big hitters amongst them and because of the lack of hype about the release of one or two games a year like Microsoft’s Halo, Forza and Gears of War franchises, the consumer doesn’t really see the need to buy all or any of the exclusives the PS3 or PSV have to offer as they just aren’t big enough.

    The introduction of Online Passes is a good idea for Sony to get renters to buy the products because at the most part, renters want to play games and complete them and without access to the online element the game cannot be completed or really fully experienced. However, for me they are just a deterence and I will only buy a game if I really want it. For 2013 that is GTA V. For 2012 it was FFXIII-2. The majority of gamers will just buy FIFA and COD each year with the addition of a one off title a year like Assassin’s Creed, GTA, a massive RPG like Skyrim or a Rockstar game. Being diverse and creative is fantastic for people like me, but I will not buy game if I can help it. Being successful, competitive and addictive is the only way you’re going to make sales and FIFA and COD do just this.

    P.S. I realise that this only explains Sony’s fall but the other third party publisher’s build on franchises and games that have already been successful in previous years and maintain their integrity. 2012 was just a flop year for new IPs from Sony and impressively killing LBP in the process.

  5. Well Sony didn’t really sell a blockbuster game this year.

    The top 4 games for Sony this year was.

    1.Gran Turismo 5(still going strong!)
    2.Uncharted:Drakes Deception
    3.Uncharted:Golden Abyss
    4.Book Of spells.

  6. Interesting to see that Codemasters didn’t make it either.

    • Well their only game that sold good this year was F1 2012.

      Dirt Showdown flopped and so did F1 Race Stars.

    • Codemasters are fairly weak imo. They specialise in Racers yet criterion crap all over them :) Again my opinion.

  7. I’m really not surprised, the niche for Sony has been hardcore gamers from the start. Somewhere along the lines with the PS3 (probably with LBP) they decided to backtrack and focus on both gimmicks and family based gaming to contend with the Wii and the arse fell out of it.
    LBP is a great game and the Move is fun (kinda) but the games that followed each of them just aren’t enticing enough and it just seems like Sony have their fingers in their ears singing “Lalalala-I’m not listening-Lalalala!”.

    As far as peripherals go I hope they include the augmented overlay glasses with the PS4, THAT would sell it to anyone!

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