nVidia Announces New Console At CES, Named “Shield”, Plays 4K Video

Uh oh. NVidia have just upset the apple cart and have announced a brand new portable console at CES.

The “Shield” runs on pure Android (without any bloatware) and will play games from Google’s own Store alongside a special NVIDIA TegraZone store – Shield runs off a Tegra 4, with 72 cores, with battery life of 5-10 hours.


It’s easily the most powerful mobile console (by a mile) and can play 4K videos and even drive a 4K TV set, making it well and truly future proof.

It’s got a proper controller shape, has a 5 inch 720p screen (with 294ppi Retina-like display) with multitouch. It even has Micro SD support, HDMI out, USB etc.

It’s a monster. It’s out Q2.



  1. Whoa! Pretty huge announcement so early on, 2013 is off to a cracking start. I suppose the factor that will determine the Shield’s ultimate success is the games, will be interesting to see how nVidia compete with big 1st party exclusives like Metal Gear, WipeOut and Uncharted.

    Presumably being made by nVidia should provide at least a smidgen of familiar ground for various PC developers, maybe along with Android this will allow the indie scene to really thrive for the first time on a purpose built mobile console. Exciting stuff!

  2. Certainly interesting and it looks rather cool. Not quite sure how comfy it would be though, that shape looks slightly odd.

    • I thought it would be a bit dodgy to hold too, but then at first glance a PlayStation controller looks as uncomfortable as a Lego loo seat so I guess we’ll have to wait for a hands on. Spec wise, it’s astounding.

      • I think it’s because the centre of gravity looks like it should be somewhere really uncomfortable for prolonged gaming. You’re right though, won’t know till someone gets their hands on it.

      • Yeah, it looks like it’ll be very front heavy but I’m sure they wouldn’t make a mistake like that. Course that might mean they have to ballast the other end making the whole thing heavier than it needs to be.

  3. Pretty cool, but it needs some proper games support to succeed. For some reason I just can’t see this show up in stores here in Norway though.

    • Running Android will sort that out. There are already people buying android devices for the games alone and with the Ouya out in March, Android already represents a nice gaming ecosystem for NVidia to start with giving them time to launch some specific titles through their own store.

  4. I think the device will flop. There seems to be no research done. Its awkward to touch a screen that is erected like the “Shield’s” one. No additional touch controls? The device looks incredible unattractive, similar to a Chinese knock off, arguable worse than the first Nintendo DS or 3DS. I could have been genuinely a great device if you didn’t choose this awkward clamshell design. I think the Ouya hits the sweet spot for Android devices, even without a dedicated screen.

    • Ouya is a much more sensible product because it’s whole ethos is bringing together the low cost, open nature of mobile apps with the core focus of playing on a TV with a controller.

      This seems to be reinventing the wheel a bit having cheap mobile apps on a touch screen (we have those on phones and tablets) and more expensive full games (like Vita or DS).

  5. Astounding bit of kit. But what kind of support will this get I wonder. With that kind of power it could host full blown games easily I’m sure except what it will do for media and memory I do not know.

    The thing sure looks a brick though. I can’t really imagine wanting to carry a heat sink, controller and pretty substantially thick screen (Compared to 3ds/vita) around with me no matter what. Although it would certainly make awesome local co-op when taking a controller around to my friends.

  6. Android with things like Chrome, Gmail, Magazines a whole eco-system of stuff + Google Play & its high tempo release schedule + Tegrazone games (which are on Play anyway, it’s just curated for titles with Tegra optimisations like enhanced water effects or whatever) + emulators + physical controls. If the price of the console is right I’m in.

    Cheap games like NfS Most Wanted 64p Vs £35+ on other handhelds. At the most games are around a fiver!

    • Only thing I’d rather of had was a Vita-like form factor

    • Most Wanted on Android/ios isn’t the same as the Vita full open world version though is it :)

      • Nope, not even close.

      • No, but doesn’t stop many from making the comparison.

      • Doesn’t have to be. It’s a much better 69p game on iOS than it is a £40 on Vita.

        MUCH better.

      • No, it was a much better game with much better graphics and for pennies.

      • I prefer it. I found the PS3 version really dull and samey and the open world felt largely pointless. It wasn’t the fun of Underground or Burnout to tool around and felt like a means to get between races/cars or something we had to do to lose the cops after an event.
        I actually enjoy the mobile version on my Nexus 7 more and in terms of value for money it’s night and day.

    • Yes but it’s not the same game Alex. Even with the price comparison it’s not Apples and Oranges.

      I have both versions and both are fun but the Vita game is by far better. Oh and £40 really – it’s £20 :D

      • It’s not the same game, no. But MW on iOS is great, and it costs pennies. That’s the issue Vita has, and it’s something that Shield will satiate.

        I’m not sure how anyone can say that the Vita version is £20 better.

      • As far as I know they showed the PC version of NFS: MW (and AC3) streamed to the device from a gaming PC, so you would get the full experience.

      • I’d pay the extra to £20 to be able to use analogue sticks and buttons and have a bigger screen that I’m also not obscuring with my fingers.

        I’ve never seen a mobile game worth spending money on when there are enough lite free games to play.

        I expect something more when I pay for a game and that’s from the hardware and as much as the software.

      • How does your hand obscure a game on Shield?

        I merely mentioned NfSMW because it’s a title available on both platforms that highlights the price difference, obviously the game’s are different, the cheaper better looking one is suitable to be played whilst mobile on the mobile device and the other is best played whilst sat on your sofa, probably in front of your PS3 and a huge TV.

        Then with things like BlOps Declassified & Resistance Burning Skies Vs the likes of N.O.V.A. 3, ShadowGun & Dead Trigger 2 etc… it’s clear the Vita has no discernible advantage, in fact it has the disadvantage of extremely high software pricing, compounded by almost non-existent hardware sales which will make it difficult for non-Sony developers to commit to.

      • On iOS. We don’t know what cost these games will be or if the prices will be higher to adapt them for this console. If there’s no difference from the phone version then why buy another console to play them?

        How much is likely to cost to buy the console when there isn’t the revenue streams from the games to subsidise the console? My Note was 600 at release, even with the phone parts taken out you’re still looking at an expensive bit of kit.

        “suitable to be played whilst mobile on the mobile device”, so not that good for a device that looks less mobile than a vita then. Streaming will only be worth while at home where you have fast enough speeds when you could use your PC anyway. Otherwise you’ll most likely use your phone to play your android games when you’re out and about. I really can’t see the point of this device.

        You can make bad games on any system. I’d take Golden Abyss, Liberation and LBP over anything on iOS or Android.

  7. Bam! They’ve certainly entered the handheld console market in a big way. It looks impressive and the specs are high. There are a couple of hurdles to jump first though –
    1. The price needs to be right as no one will buy a machine which is over priced (apart from anything preceded with ‘i’, etc.) and…
    2. Games support which will likely be a chicken and egg situation where the devs wont develop until there’s a big enough install base and vice versa.

  8. impressive specs looks horrible.

  9. That looks pretty awesome!

  10. So that’s PS4, XBOX720, a Valve console and an NVIDIA console in the next year or so. Who said consoles are dead?

    • Ouya as well!

      • Even before seeing Tegra 4, I really thought Ouya should have waited to get past Tegra 3, obviously that’s cheap as chips but over the life of the console something like the Tegra 4 would be too and the pay off, especially when amplified on a 46″ TV would have been worth it.

      • Tegra 4 would have been nice but I guess they had to go with what was available then and using a Tegra 4 would have raised the praice even higher for something that many people believed was a scam. Ouya 2 maybe? :)

    • I think I’ll save my money for the PS4.

      • same here nothing will stop me getting one.

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