Sony To Release “Mastered In 4K” Blu-rays

According to a press release issued this morning, Sony have announced a “Mastered In 4K” range of Blu-rays alongside plenty of CES discussion about their forthcoming 4K “Ultra HD” television sets.

Except, well, these “Mastered In 4K” Blu-rays aren’t 4K in resolution. They’re 1080p Blu-rays, mastered from the 4K original film sources.

The movies confirmed so far are: The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, The Karate Kid, Battle: Los Angeles and The Other Guys. The press release says the movies are “sourced from pristine 4K masters and presented at high-bitrate 1080p resolution, with expanded color showcasing more of the wide range of rich color contained in the original source.”

“When upscaled via the Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs, these discs serve as an ideal way for consumers to experience near-4K picture quality” it continues. Ew.

Native, proper 4K titles are meant to be releasing in the Summer.


  1. Well, that’s weird.

  2. With tricks like this it makes the actual 4k sell a more confused sale because they’ll have to cut through this type of marketing cash-in

  3. So they transfered Karate Kid to 4K, to then transfer it again to 1080p? O_o

  4. sounds like a way of justifying more expensive versions of the movies.

    i mean, did those superbit dvds actually give a noticeably better picture?

    and why would you need a better looking version of The Other Guys anyway?

    i can understand effects packed films like Battle LA, Spider-Man and Total Recall, and Karate Kid would have some spectacular views, like the training on the great wall.

    • I hope you were talking about the lack of over the top special effects, because The Other Guys was awesome… >_>

      • Lol agreed. Will Ferrell is a nob most of the time but he is awesome in that movie :D

      • yeah, purely for the lack of big special effects.

        i haven’t seen the film, but i really wanted to, i’m a big fan of Will Ferrell, and i don’t mind Walhberg, in the right film.

        can’t wait for Anchorman 2.

      • If that’s the case then you HAVE to watch it asap.
        Eva Mendes is also very lovely in that movie. ; )
        I also can’t wait for Anchorman 2. There can never be enough Brick!

  5. Upscaled DVDs look lovely and I don’t doubt these will to but it’s very interesting to see them confusing things a bit. Are Sony making OLED screens as I’d far prefer my money to go there than non-OLED 4K screens?

    • yes, apparently the OLED screen they’re showing is beautiful but at their press conference last night it only showed a boot screen because the PC they’d hooked it up to crashed as they wheeled the TV on stage!

      • Ah, good to know. Don’t want them backing the wrong format (not that we’re “there” yet). If the pro consumers plump for OLED as oppose to non-OLED 4K screens then I’d like to think Sony have their fingers on the pulse. Something I’m not always sure about. ;-)

  6. Because nobody’s going to fork out for 4k yet, this is just a marketing stop-gap.

  7. Hmm…. Wonder if the PS3 will have the processing power to play actual 4K Blurays downscaled to 1080p.

    • No chance, no. The player won’t work, for starters.

  8. Arent all movies mastered from the original source anyway?

    • That was my thinking, I thought 4K was the minimum cinemas work to so surely the source will be this if not higher so any DVD, Blu-ray should already come from a 4K source :/

      • Is the cinema the source? I figured the camera they shot the thing with was :-)

  9. Just wait til Disney jump on this too. People queueing to buy Star Wars I-VI again.

    • I doubt they will do that as they rarely rerelease something. Or at least to the extent of Lucas’s habit of rerererereleasing the same old stuff with a few changes.

      • but they do have this habit of sticking stuff in a vault for years so when they do rerelease it demand will be high.

  10. All seems pointless to me, personally.

    Sharp are already pushing 8K TV:

    If 4K is “Ultra HD”, what is 8K? Answer: Massive overkill.

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