GT Academy TV Show Set For UK Screens

ITV4 is set to screen a series of six shows focussing on Gran Turismo’s search for a real-world racing star. The series sounds like it’ll try to focus on some of the 830,000 entrants to the Academy who made it to the final stages. It’ll have the tension of reality TV as it documents the search to find the best virtual racer, via Gran Turismo, to push through into Nissan’s real-world racing teams.

[drop2]The show will start airing on February 4th at 8PM and it will be repeated on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. ITV4 might not seem the most glamorous of locations but it is home to a lot of ITV’s of sports coverage including the Tour de France, Aviva and Heineken Cup rugby, Europa League football and British Touring Cars.


The show will be hosted by Craig Doyle, who will be familiar to UK viewers from his work presenting the TT coverage on ITV4 as well as appearances on Holiday and ITV’s Champions League highlights show. The judging panel on the show will include racing legend Johnny Herbert as the show seeks to find the best from the UK and Ireland who will go on to compete against the best drivers from the rest of Europe.

The winner will earn a seat in a Nissan 370Z GT4 at the Dubai International 24 hour race after undergoing Nissan’s intensive driver training program.



  1. Great news. Not interested in GT but stuff like this is wonderful for not only the marketing of the PS3 but to see how drivers can be found and thrust into the limelight of motorsport. Top stuff. Fingers crossed, we won’t see Simon Cowell… unless he’s there with his Bugatti Veyron.

  2. Should be interesting to see how the times of the virtual racers relate to the real world.

  3. Gran Turismo and the TT mentioned in one article…

    It is like you wrote it just for me!

    • I live in the Isle of Man, so the mention of the TT has also got me rather excited!

  4. Brilliant, I really like the Academy videos on GT TV, so this will definitely be on record. As long as Craig doesn’t try to sell me any UPVC windows I’ll probably be able to put up with his vacant smirk!

  5. Good stuff, I already watch a program The road to GT Academy on one of the SKY channels but that’s like a yearly compilation highlights thingy so this should be good to get the currently running Academy highlights.

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