Updated Alien Breed Coming For PS3 and Vita

Team 17 has just fired over a note to let us all know about another Alien Breed release. The seminal Amiga game of yester-year is coming on PS3 and PS Vita in early February. It’s not just a simple re-release, though. This new version will feature three new level packs called Convergence, Valiance and Synergy


The new level packs come in addition to the old classic levels and players will be able to play through in either the nostalgic 16 bit Amiga graphics or newly updated ones. It’s also Cross-platform multiplayer and Cross-save compatible so you can play ad-hoc or online from the Vita and local or online from the PS3 with others on either of the two platforms.

There’s also leaderboard and trophy support included but no word on a price just yet.



  1. Hmm not so sure I will buy again just for new levels.

  2. I couldn’t get the new version to work on my crappy laptop.

  3. Anyone know if this has co-op?

    • And if the multiplayer is co-op, is it any good?

    • I’d imagine that it has got co-op. The 3 versions on PS3 all had a co-op mode and as this looks like added levels to those games, highly likely.
      I have all of the Alin Breed PS3 releases, but will probably get this anyway so I can play Amiga style 16 bit kick ass :P

  4. So is this a PSN version of the PSM game?
    I’m still waiting for them to release Trophies for the PSM games and then get them patched into this.

    Looks like T17 are releasing what they should have first time round??

  5. will grab this when it arrives.

  6. To clarify, this is a disc version of Impact, Assault & Descent, plus extras? If so, I already have them from PSN, so won’t be buying again.

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