Upcoming Game Has A Collector’s Edition That’s Gross

Zombies are gross. Do you know what else is gross? Sexual objectification of women. Or men, for that matter. In fact, sexual objectification is pretty disgusting, no matter who you’re objectifying. If there is a scale for how offensive sexual objectification of different things can be, I’d put corpses quite far along the scale. Right out towards “very” on the disgust-o-meter.

I mean, objectifying women and men should denote you as a sleazy pervert who is destined to remain forever alone with naught but your own sweaty digits and perhaps a crusted sports sock for comfort on the cold, dark evenings. Objectifying a woman or man who has clearly been deceased for some time should put you on a register.


Videogames objectify women quite a lot, and occasionally men too. The latest videogame to do that is this one. But the people who want you to buy this videogame aren’t willing to settle for regular, icky pervert status that many other videogames purveyors would be comfortable attaining. No, the people who want you to buy this videogame are hanging their hat right on that special perverts peg by the door to the dungeon. They think you want some decomposing objectification.


You see, this is one of many modern games that feature zombies. It’s kind of like Dead Rising or Dead Rising 2 with some nods, stylistically, to the many incarnations of The Walking Dead. There’s even tones of Left 4 Dead and its sequel in there. This game features the over-the-top style that many might associate with Romero’s Living Dead series of movies, with elements of the self-awareness of the genre seen in films like Zombieland, Sean of the Dead and others. But all of that heritage isn’t important because this game has got boobs in it.

The people marketing the game are very keen that you know about the boobs. They’ve issued a Collector’s Edition which will cost almost a hundred pounds, in which you get a hand-painted resin statue that features some boobs. In fact, the resin statue features more boobs than arms or legs or eyes or lips or class or decency. It’s basically all boob. Most importantly, it seems, these are rare boobs.

By paying almost a hundred pounds for the special Collector’s Edition of this upcoming zombie game you can have twelve inches of rock hard, hand caressed resin that looks a bit like a bad boob job and a tacky bikini wrapped around a decaying torso.

Now, that’s gross.



  1. I’m rather more indifferent to things as overt as this, in comparison to the omnipresent objectification that goes on, which I believe is far more dangerous.

    It’s so pervasive that many don’t even notice it.

    • I have no problem with sex or sexuality or people engaging in sexually-charged industries or the notion of sexuality in advertising. But things like this are why some people are ashamed to admit they like videogames to their girlfriends or sports team or psychiatrist.

      Things like this provide ample evidence to fuel a often pervasive opinion that people who like videogames are all pimply, hormonal teenagers who never open the curtains and only put down the DualShock if they’re having a particularly energetic wank.

      The thought that my wife or my mother-in-law might see this advertised and think it has any relation whatsoever to my main form of entertainment makes me cringe a bit.

      • I agree it’s cringe worthy, and drags gaming down to the level that many perceive it to be.

        I just think omnipresent objectification in every aspect of our lives is more dangerous than the overt.

  2. Only available on the 360, wonder if that has anything to do with there being more of a market for that sort of needless gratuity on that specific console? Start the console war!

  3. Dead Island Riptide then?

    • Dunno, couldn’t see the title of the game, I was that transfixed by the BIG ROTTEN BOOBIES.

    • Yeah, was thinking it looked like Dead island artwork. Then I noticed the red image above where it says ‘hand painted figurine’ actually says Riptide.

      So thats a given then…. :)

  4. It’ll be damning of the industry if this has good sales numbers in the end. Just about the most tasteless, tacky and sexually objective mass produced ‘ornament’ ever…

  5. It is not sexist. It is not objectfying women. It may be a bit icky but the only reason to have it on your shelf is to shock and gross out people. If you have it on your shelf becasue you think it’s pretty then you are the one that needs help, not Deep Silver.

    Boobs are not offensive. If it was a female leg, would there be any percieved scandal? No, because legs are not sexybits. Objectifying a certain area of the a lady and making a stsuatue with boobs OMGSHOCKSEXIST and a statue of leg not, is ridiculous.

    There are lady zombies in the game, and indeed in many other games. If you are ‘offended’ by this then you really should be offended by every other zombie game.

    What it IS, is a clever marke ploy be Deep Silver that has generated huge amounts of posts across the interweb and everyone turns in to Daily Mail readers and becomes offended JUST because there are boobs and everyone is hyper sensative about that kind of thing these days.

    Its just a body part. It is no different to any other bit of the body, male or female.

    • It literally only has the most sexualised parts of female anatomy, and no head. I’m not offended “JUST because there are boobs,” I’m offended because there are JUST boobs. It’s cynical, unimaginative, cheap and tacky with only a very tenuous link to the source material (I assume). There are probably a hundred other things in the game that they could have created a Collector’s Edition from that would have more relevance. But those aren’t wank-fodder for fap-happy morons that’ll score them free column inches.

      I agree that it’s a marketing ploy (although “clever” is stretching it a bit, I’d say “lazy” or “cheap”) intended to whip up controversy, which is why I didn’t name the product and tried to have a bit of fun with it rather than lead with righteous indignation.

      P.S. lady legs are often very sexy, thankyouverymuch :-P

      • Word. And thanks for writing this. Pisses me off how often these things go by unnoticed.

    • I agree with Peter though. I’m not offended by the game or the statue themselves, it just disappoints me that, because of it’s attention-grabbing nature, people who aren’t into gaming will see this in the news or whatever and it will perpetuate their opinion that computer games are all about violence and sex for bedroom dwelling teenagers with no social skills.

      I suppose the people reacting to it and posting it everywhere are partly to blame but it’s just a sad situation that it’s easier to get publicity this way than by simply making a genuinely brilliant game.

    • Then why not have a male torso? As mentioned before, this is pandering to the misconception that gamers are immature males sitting at home on their own. Basic misogyny in that there are boobs everywhere and they’re used to sell everything.

      It’s a shame that as you said this will be grabbed at by the papers and misinformed amongst us and used as another weapon against gamers and gaming in general.

  6. I’m more interested to find out why it has been blurred out in bits?

    • Cos Peter was trying to hide the name. Except he forgot it blur the Deep Silver logo which kinda gives it away.

      • I wasn’t trying to hide it, it’s everywhere right now, five seconds and google will tell you what the game is, if you’re not able to look closely at the image above. So hiding it is pointless. I was attempting to poke fun at the thing by “censoring” it. Maybe that was too subtle :)

      • Considering the subject matter, subtle isnt going to work :)

      • haha, fair point :D

    • Also (and this isn’t a dig at you Peter) sexism seems and chat about Misogyny seem to be the in-thing around the gaming scene these days.

      Now I’m not saying it’s right or wrong how females and males get perceived. It’s just it’s hardly a new thing yet I’ve seen more and more about it over all gaming outputs than ever before.
      Why is that?

      • Take out that seems in the first sentence, will read better.

      • it has been a hot topic over the past year or so – and often, I believe, misguidedly. But this is so blatant and lazy. As with almost everything though, I think it’s better to address it with humour than with vitriol.

      • I do agree it’s the worst. At least I’m not the only one that has noticed this, and I’m glad you think some of it is “wrong” in a loose sense. Some people outside this report like to make a mountain out of a mole hill I feel sometimes.

    • I censored it for a joke :)

  7. Or you could use the thing known as the internet to get free boobs. Apart from horny 13 year olds, who on earth will buy this as it’s an armless torso covered in blood and buying it because of boobs will suggest that you love dead bodies. :-/ Also, this suggests to me that game will be average to bad as i view anything that uses sex to sell as bad as that is usually the case unless there is decent gameplay footage or if the overall theme is sex. Such as Bayonetta. ;)

    Wonder if the Daily Mail will go with “boob island is corrupting our kids” despite the fact it’s a rated 18/15, unsure what the first game was rated. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that we are all horny 13 year olds, Dead Island. Also, why don’t they do a male version or would that be too far as they would be catering to both genders.

  8. Sex, Violence it all sells.

  9. I’d feel a right boob if i bought that … and a left one too.. ;)

  10. Also, is it just me that thinks using a Union Jack bikini is racist?

    • It’s actually Geri Halliwell.

      • She was dead to me the moment she left The Spice Girls. Bitch

      • oh god, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. O_O

    • Racist? How did you work that one out?

      • Yeah I’m confused here too :S

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