Star Wars 1313 Heading To PS3, According To PlayStation Facebook Page

Interestingly, the German PlayStation Facebook page has outed the Unreal 3-powered LucasArts game Star Wars 1313 as a current gen, PlayStation 3 release. And this year, too. There’s even a big pile of screenshots to browse through, although they’re not new (and some are pulled from the main trailer).

Most assumed 1313 would skip the current generation, looking as fantastic as it did when we first saw it last year. According to this Facebook page, that doesn’t appear to be the case. This could be one of the first cross-generational titles, though, with an enhanced “next gen” version also available alongside with PS3 version. If indeed, this isn’t just a mistake.


Platforms were previously not announced, but the videos shown were clearly running on high end PC hardware and it’s unlikely that if there is a PS3 version it’s going to look quite as slick as what we’ve already seen. Chances are this is somebody at PlayStation Germany getting over-excited, but it’s entirely possible that 1313 will come to PS3 and Xbox 360. Possible. We’ll see.

Via NeoGAF.

Update: the post has been removed, and LucasArts have said that the listing was inaccurate, reinforcing the fact that they’ve not made any platform confirmations yet.



  1. Indeed platforms were not announced but as EU and US PS Blogs both had huge features on the game it was obvious it was coming to some version of PlayStation,. Yay!

  2. Cross-gen titles will be interesting, developing a PC version with direct ports to Orbis/Durango and slightly cut-down ports to PS360 & potentially Wii U.

  3. I’d probably wait for the next gen version. The graphics just look too delicious to play a downscaled version. Can’t wait for more information on this.

  4. People get easily confused with the intro part over the cityscape (which you can bet is not rendered in real time, even on PC).

    As for the gameplay part, I’m pretty much certain it can be done as is on the PS360. Now the question is, which platform generation will provide the most revenue for this game? The answer is obvious, and I don’t see any Sony official (even from Germany) getting overexcited about a PS3 port without having serious info about it.

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