All Of The Skyrim DLC Arrives On PS3 Next Month, 50% Discount For First Week

Well it looks like my recent sacrifice of twelve virgins has born fruit as all – yes, all – of the Skyrim DLC will arrive on PlayStation 3 next month.

Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire will launch with an extra treat of 50% off for the first week of release for PlayStation Plus subscribers everyone.


Exact dates have yet to be nailed down, “We’ll keep you posted as release dates get finalized both on our end and with Sony for each and its various languages,” said Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead for Bethesda on the U.S. PlayStation blog.

Presumably that means that U.S. will get the DLC first and there will be the customary short delay while the European versions with multiple languages are certified.

Dragonborn finds you on the island of Solstheim with new towns, dungeons,and quests and your deadliest adversary – the first Dragonborn. Hearthfire allows you to build your own house from the ground up and Dawnguard lets you battle the Vampire Lord Harkon.

For full details of each expansion head on over to the PlayStation Blog.



  1. excellent news very happy.

  2. Where does it say the 50% discount is only for ps+?

  3. Could you sacrifice some more virgins for a GOTY edition?

  4. HOLY FECKING MUDCRABS! I was not expecting Skyrim to get any DLC for the PS3. :O Will get the GOTY version as it’s going to be cheaper and saves HDD space. That and F:NV taught me not to get every DLC for it if i fancy not being paranoid about the game crashing. They could have done it half price for all users considering we recieved no news about it untill after the original release dates and the lack of communication. But at least it is out soon. Except for the EU region as the French are in europe and apparently, Sony hates the french. :P

    But will we recieve the next DLC at the same time as the 360 and PC?

    • EDIT: It is nice that they’ve given us a 50% discount to make up for the lack of communication. It’s Tuffcub’s fault that i believed it was only PS+ members who get it. First, the TWD incident now this, he is starting to go downhill. :P

  5. I’d rather have the 12 virgins, but there should be a discount for everybody not just plus subscribers. If the DLC is full price I’m going to pass.

  6. “customary short delay” heh…we’ll see…

  7. Recently started playing skyrim again.
    Never did finish it, will try to do so before the DLC launches (unlikely)

  8. Very welcome news! Will stock up on tea and biscuits for it appears I won’t be leaving the house for a few weeks once this hits.


  9. Grandstaff is an awesome name! And very fitting for the story.


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