Atari US Files For Bankruptcy

The US division of Atari (and not, as you might have read elswhere, Atari itself) has filed for bankruptcy, according to reports overnight.

According to the LA Times, the bankruptcy was initiated in an attempt to break free “from their debt-laden French parent”.

The plan is to find a buyer within the next few months and take the company private, with one source claiming that the goal is to “grow a modest business focused on digital and mobile platforms.”

Atari is closely tied to Infogrammes, who changed their name to Atari S.A. in 2003. Atari US employs 40 people and mainly produces web and mobile games.

“There is evidence that the U.S. operation, which after the sale of other assets now makes up the bulk of Atari S.A.’s business, has been improving,” says the LA Times. The parent company has been profitable ($11 million and $4 million) for the last two years.

It’s not obvious who might be interested in the company yet.



  1. Ah infogrammes I remember that name from the good old V-Rally games on the good old PS1 though they weren’t a patch on the Colin McRae games.

    • Infogrammes had some unique games on the Amiga too back in the day, always got the sense that there was something different about the brand and would get excited when i found a new one in the shops (games didn’t have the marketing they have nowadays so you often didn’t know what was available until you trawled the shops.)

      • Never had an Amiga but spent plenty of time at my mates on his mahozive Amiga 500 before he upgraded to the slightly smaller and better looking 600 can’t remember the infogrammes games though off the top of my head.

    • they did make a rather good GBA version of V Rally though, the first proper 3d game i ever saw on the GBA

      • Think I vaguely remember playing that somewhere and at some point v-rally was a great game just felt like the cars where floating above the road compared to Colin McRae.

  2. Infogrammes will live long in my memory for producing North vs South on the Amiga. A simple American civil war strategy game interspersed with excellent action sections. It was brilliant for local multiplayer and there was nothing like it at the tie or indeed since.

    It’s the only game you can sexually harass a male photographer by tickling his bum on the title screen as well. The excited chuckle always amused me!

  3. I’d hope they do a new Rollercoaster Tycoon *yawn* -__-

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