Playstation Accounts Can Now Be Used To Create Accounts

Bungie has announced that owners of a PlayStation Network account can use those details to create a account. This is part of a wider move by the former Halo developers to reach out to more players for future projects.

The main project that Bungie is currently hard at work on is Destiny, the next Sci Fi game whose details all come from leaks and speculation. Bungie themselves haven’t officially released actual gameplay information about Destiny, so far content with a few images.


Destiny will be a cross platform title, which explains why PlayStation users can now get a Bungie account, but it’s still not clear whether Destiny will solely release this generation on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It seems more likely that Destiny will bridge console generations, releasing both on this and the next generation of consoles.

I’m personally expecting Bungie and Activision, who will be publishing Destiny, to start with the big information reveals within the next couple of months, maybe with an actual gameplay reveal at E3 but, like everyone else, I’m just speculating.

Source: Bungie



  1. Might this also have something to do with the sale of the Xbox franchise?

  2. Ooo, that’s a nice idea.

    Makes the “oh, you developed for the smelly Xbox for so long I don’t like you” folk that much more likely to give them a chance. :-p

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