Starbreeze Lists A New Game Called “Storm”

Starbreeze, perhaps best known for Chronicles of Riddick and Syndicate, has listed a new game on their website. The title is Storm and it’s listed as a co-op sci-fi FPS. There’s no further information with it, other than Starbreeze’s assertion that “it is our future.”

This might be the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Cold Mercury. That was due to be a Free-to-Play shooter that the studio gave up on releasing shortly after Syndicate came out. There have been some rumours that it was taken back for some serious re-working when the studio decided that Free-to-Play wasn’t for them.


Should we assume that this is one of the first next generation console games we’re hearing about? With so little known about it, its unlikely to see a release this year and by the next big release cycle, we’ll all be playing PlayStation 4 when we’re not out on our hover boards, won’t we?

Source: Starbreeze, via GAF



  1. Let us hope it is a game based upon the comics “Storm” by Don Lawrence. Would be a must buy for me.

    • now that would be awesome!

    • Personally I’m hoping for a game based on “It’s Time To Burn”, the classic dance track by Storm

      • I’m hoping to a proper prequel to Darude’s Sandstorm! :D

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