EA Backtrack On Sim City Beta Bug Ban Nonsense

Overzealous lawyers alert! There were a couple of rather worrying lines of text in the End User License Agreement for EA’s Sim City Beta. “If you know about a Bug or have heard about a Bug and fail to report the Bug to EA,” said the line, “we reserve the right to treat you no differently from someone who abuses the Bug.”

“You acknowledge that EA reserve the right to lock anyone caught abusing a Bug out of all EA products,” it continued. To clarify: If you spot a bug but do not tell EA then they could have locked you out of every other EA game you own.


The purpose of a beta is to shamelessly promote the game note down any bugs and report them to the developers, thus assisting with the final product. Punishing gamers who fail to do so is a new and rather draconian step and you have to wonder how EA would have enforced this.

How would they know if a gamer has “heard” about a bug, or even know about it? The gamer might not even recognise it as a bug. Well, panic not, because EA have responded to the outcry this caused today, and changed their mind.

“The clause in the EA Beta Agreement for the SimCity beta was intended to prohibit players from using known exploits to their advantage,” says the official statement. “However, the language as included is too broad. EA has never taken away access to a player’s games for failing to report a bug. We are now updating the Beta Agreement to remove this point.”

Source: Arstechnica.



  1. “you must tell us about any bugs you encounter, so we can ignore them like we usually do and never fix them” (I’m a disgruntled Fifa vita owner)

    • well said sir (I’m a disgruntled BF3 owner, or was)

      • As well as forcing a developer that was once known for delievering triple A RPGs and was considered to be the pixar of gaming to release a half baked game that almost ruined a franchise and damaged their reputation.(Disgruntled DA fan, Disgruntled Gamer, Disgruntled resident crazy)

  2. I’m still hoping to get into the beta, signed up when it opened. Hoping some sites will also giveaway keys.

  3. knowing ea, they’re more likely to take any bug reports as criticism and ban you for that. o_O

  4. EA really are pissing on the little good feelings that people have left for them aren’t they. OK, so its a decent step to retract the point, but its a damning insight into the minds of the business guys who run the company, and no amount of retraction can undo that.

  5. When is this game out? I really want it, but can’t be bothered with the beta.

  6. Just fuck off EA! Sorry about the foul language(could be worse, i could have used French) but to ban someone from every EA game that they own if they fail to report a bug is bloody stupid. What if there is a small bug that the tester saw and believed it wasn’t worth reporting due to there being a bigger bug? Or they can’t tell if it’s a bug or gameplay mechanic? EA are you seriously trying to piss off everyone because you will end up achieving that. Also, that is rich coming from a company that shoves out half completed games then patch them. Where is Hazelam when you need her as this requires use of their wall of text thingy. :op

  7. EA ruining another one of my favourite series… Battlefield, Dead Space, Need 4 Speed, Mass Effect, Command and Conquer and now SIm City :(

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